Standard NC rear silencer

Standard OEM rear silencer from my 2011 2.0 ltr Sport Black. Good condition. General surface wear and tear/surface rust but not in any way weak or close to failure. Offers around £25

Hello. Just joined as a guest member for now. Got my first MX5 NC and love it apart from previous owner put an aftermarket exhaust and its too boomy for my old ears!! Is yours still available and where are you in the uk. Many thanks

Hi, Yes its still available and i’m in Winchester, Hampshire

Sorry forgot it say if you have photos that would be great.

Sounds good and not to far away. Is it in good condition. Minimal rust on the joints and hangars and the tips still chrome. What are you looking for money wise. Thanks.

Here’s the pic Andrew, the bloom in the centre is just that. Its not compromised st all - i’ve given it a good poke with a finger and its very solid. Chrome end tips still in v good condition and shiny! Hope that helps. If you want it this week I suggest a collection later today as i’m not around next week. Regards Graham

Hi Andrew, Its in sound condition. I’ll go and take a pic and send it over. £25 as posted.
Regards Graham

Hi Graham sorry for the late reply. I’ll take it and if you are around tomorrow, sat. That would be great. If all good please send me your address. Thanks. Andrew

Hi Andrew,
Sorry we are not around now for a week - off to Cornwall. I’ll send you my address for collection next weekend. I’ll keep it aside for you. Regards Graham

Hi Graham. No problem at all. Enjoy Cornwall and see you when you’re back. Cheers. Andrew

Hi Graham. Not sure if you’re back yet. Also unsure of forum rules on giving out mobile number so you can text me your address. Please advise. Thanks Andrew

Hi Andrew, Back from Cornwall now. My address for collecting the exhaust is 69 Downs Road, South Wonston, Winchester SO21 3EW. 07970029325 if you get stuck. I’m here today.
Regards Graham