Steering Wheel - Mountney mounting problems...

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 First post on the new forum!!

Anyway, back to business - I currently have the standard steering wheel fitted to my '95 mk1. It has an airbag. I’m after changing the wheel for a slightly smaller one that allows me to steer with my arms rather than my knees, and I’ve narrowed it down to one from the Mountney ‘Traditional’ range. Trouble is, I can’t find anywhere a boss/adaptor that will allow me to fit this new wheel to a car that originally had an airbag wheel. I understand that there are bosses made by MOMO amongst others that will allow for a wheel to be fitted to a previously airbagged car, but I’m not convinced these bosses will fit the Mountney Traditional wheels (which apparently use a 6 x 100mm PCD pattern).

Can anybody help me??!! Has anybody else fitted a Mountney Traditional to their airbagged car, or do you have any info that might help me find an answer?

 Also, whilst on the subject, anyone know physically what the difference is between the bosses suitable for airbags and the ones that aren’t?

 Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Simon  [:D]

maybe worth contacting this seller on ebay

Hi Simon…I replaced my Mk1 airbag wheel with a smaller Momo non-airbag one using a Works Bell boss that I got from Miata Roadster in the States. Here is the link: This is a great piece of kit that includes a diode to fool the airbag warning light that the bag is still there. Unfortunately I can’t advise as to whether the Mountney hole pattern is the same as the Momo but most other boss kits seem to suggest they are the same…I will leave others to advise. You could drop an email to Miata Roadster and ask…they are very responsive.  I also seem to remember someone recently was selling a Works Bell boss on this forum…might still be available.

Regarding boss differences I think it is mainly to do with horn button wiring. If you fit a non airbag boss to an airbag equipped wheel you will need to find a different way of handling the horn wiring to the button. An airbag boss does not have the circular brass plate that touches a contact on the column to maintain an electrical contact when you turn the wheel…instead there is a combined plug arrangement linked in with the airbag wiring.

Hope this helps…

Thanks for the info guys. Still having trouble finding a suitable boss though. Looks like its not meant to be!

Ah well, you win some you lose some eh?!

 having the same problem. I have had my Momo wheel for a few years, noe i have got a eunos with airbag, i cant find a boss that will allow the horn wires to go through, i cannot belive im the only one out there who has / had this problem ? and is there a cheap way to diable the airbay light? yeah i know take the bulb out, but when that fails, it will use the horn, not so good.



Just spoke to these people and am told this boss will do, Have now orderd it, will let you know what happens