Stelvio Pass

Found this video…i’d love to do it sometime.

You must, it is awesome as is the Fuela, Grimsel, Fuka etc all within easy reach of the Stelvio.

Pick the time of day carefully though as touring coaches and cyclists with frustrate you otherwise !

I’ll be doing that in a week or two, if spared.

Just checked google maps traffic, which implies that setting off from a hotel on the north side would best be done before 7am.


Make sure you drive the whole of the Stelvio Pass and not just the east side. Everyone focuses on the stretch from the summit down to Trafoi. The run up from Bormio is also nice. Not as twisty and treacherous but a great scenic run nonetheless. Bormio is also a good place to stay.

heading this way on our first mx5 trip in a couple of weeks time - this is our plan.   will take us up the Julier Pass and the Stelvio





cant wait 

Going that direction (and much further) tomorrow 


I used to drive the circuit of f u r k a, grimsel ans susten passes

Sign up for the FUNBALLRALLY.COM takes loads of these passes one of my best holidays ( if you are a petrol head ) its a must


Just over half way through a 2,500 mile 10 day road trip to Pescara in Italy and back again. Currently  staying in Limone on Lake Garda after 10 5 hrs driving in the mk1 Eunos today - should have been 8 hrs but some terrible traffic jams and a huge rain storm delayed us. The car has behaved impeccably so far ( touch wood ) and I cannot commend enough the 2.5 leather seats I put in last year. Was hoping to do the Stelvio Pass tomorrow on our wat to Chur in Switzerland but too long a detour so will be doing St Bernardino Pass instead which seems to be highly rated with road so smooth is used for vintage car rallies I gather. Discovered a brilliant mod for the interior just before my trip - 2 square black foldable and adjustable cup holders which can be fixed using the existing screw on each side of the console so opens out next to your distal thigh - brilliant for drinks but my wife finds it even more useful to hold her phone which we use as Sat Nav and avoids need to have up on the dash which I find destracting. Doesn’t impair driving when opened out. £11 for the the 2 and they don’t rattle - I do love simple and cheap solutions.



So completed San Bernadino pass in Switzerland yesterday. Fantastic drive and particularly enjoyable as road almost completely deserted and plenty of opportunities to take photos. Weather in Italy/ Switzerland / Germany and France has been mixed for us in last couple of days but it remained dry if cloudy going over the pass and we managed to keep the hood down. 6.5 hrs of driving today from Chur in Switzerland to Arlon in Belgium today - visited Rheinfall today - apparently the largest waterfall in Europe and then travelled across country into Germany - fantastic roads for the MX5 doing 50-60 mph which is ideal for open topped motoring. Then long stretch of motorway driving at about 80 mph - hood down and windows up - averaged 40 mpg overall with super unleaded over the 375 miles between last fill ups which really surprised me (generally getting approx 36mpg before that). Travel to Dunkerque tomorrow and then home to end our trip. This has been our first “proper” road trip and have learnt a lot for future excursions - in particular to avoid long uninteresting motorway drives - the stretch between Lake Como and Modena is incredibly long, straight flat and very uninteresting although you can drive fast and cover many miles quickly. In future would plan to drive no more than 4.5 - 5 hrs in a day allowing for fact that traffic may extend that predicted time. Hope to do Nother trip to Italian lakes in a couple years - particularly enjoyed Lake Garda and so much to see between Calais and the lakes.

Interestingly  in last last few days have been burning minimal oil even after sections of high speed motorway driving. I was wondering if the oil control rings can free up over long periods of intense driving?



Sounds like your trip has been epic Matt.  Bit like you, our trip in mid Sept will be our first road trip holiday - so looking forward to enjoying and learning for the future.


Did you use nav and way points you’d planned, paper maps, or combination?


Yes really good first full road trip and learnt loads re planning future ones. Also discovered you can stay dry with hood down even in pouring rain as long as you keep above 50 mph. We used mixture of paper maps of small and large scale but while driving just used the sat nav resting in the newly added cup holder as above. We enjoyed the unplanned bits on the smaller roads the best



This !!!


there is nothing worse than being on an amazing driving road stuck doing 5mph behind a group of cyclists with no passing opportunity.