STHT on line

As you all should now be aware our bi monthly magazine is now on line. That’s great really because you just don’t have to refer to good old fashioned paper anymore if you want to refer back to past adventures with North West Midlands. I have gone through the electronic library of past editions to identify NWM articles. See below month of publication, page numbers and title of article.

To find the articles select the Home page that shows the “Blue Brick” command menu that starts with Home News through to Contact information. Directly underneath the “Blue Brick” you will see an additional menu that reads from left to right beginning with Your Nearest Meet? through to Soft Top Hardtop. Select Soft Top Hardtop. The screen will then present you with a catalogue of STHT Magazines starting with the June 2019 edition (This will update as new editions go online) and then working back. Select edition of choice and then when the Magazine cover appears on screen Press the symbol in the centre of the Magazine cover to begin your read.

December 2016.  Pages 54-57. A Connection-Mid Wales Adventure

 February 2017.   Pages 40-42. Southern Ireland Tour 2016

April 2017.          Pages 27-29. Who do you think you are kidding captain Mainwaring (MX5 RF Reveal)

August 2017.      Pages 14-17.  Steady under fire 

October 2017.    Pages 30-32.  Silverstone 2017-A long road to ruin.

December 2017. Pages 18-19.  The story of the Question and Answer Project.

April 2018.         Pages 20-21   Holland 2017 Tour

June 2018.         Pages 24-26.  MX5’s are Go! Peak District Weekend Away.  July 2017

June 2018.         Pages 40-41. Jigsaw!  Diary and 2018 Calendar Plan.

October 2018     Pages 18-21  One Day Like This

February 2019    Pages 14-18  Flight of the Red Kite

August 2019       Pages 32-34  Trip to Belgium - June 2018

October 2019      Pages 22-24  The Cumbrian Flyer Weekend - July 2019 

February 2020 Pages 8-12. Picos de Europa tour - May 2019

April 2020. Pages. Abbey Cwm Hir - November 2019

June 2020. Pages 32-34. Trip to Cornwall - June 2019


There you go then another opportunity for members new and old to read and explore the world of North West Midlands


Jim Keeley 


Yep, we aware, the problem is they don’t work (try downloading!). I know the team is/are working on it, so I can wait.


Working alright for me this morning.