Stolen catalytic converters

I’ve had my catalytic converter stolen off my MX5 the insurance company have written it off because it’s a 20 year old auto import . What do you think I should do - buy it back and source replacement cat or accept the the value settlement

Bit confused :thinking:
Written off for a catalytic converter. I reckon you could get one for under £200 surely.
Some a lot cheaper some more.
If it’s your pride and joy buy it back unless you want shot of it.:man_shrugging:

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When I crashed my Ducati, I was advised to push for a negotiated settlement.
I was successful in this, which meant there was no writing off and no buying back, they just coughed up the agreed sum and I sourced the parts needed, got the fairings repaired, reassembled everything myself and I came out well ahead
Talk to them. Buying back may be the best deal for you but do explore your options.

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When were burgled Xmas 2005 amongst the gear stolen was a semi-pro video camera with brilliant optical stabiliser and all the right controls under your finger tips. Snag, it was quite old and tech had moved on.
The insurance company offered me a sequence of modern tiny toys which did not come near in usability or lens quality.
After a year of negotiation I got the full price I had originally paid for it. Fortunately I still had all the paper receipts!

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I had that exact same problem.
I had to push really hard to persuade the parent company that I was being fobbed off by the loss adjusters with a vastly inferior video camera.
As you suggest, the market had changed and the new crop of cameras were nowhere near as good, in build quality or image quality

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Hi, check the price of a new ‘cat’ and how much your garage wizlzl charge to fit it. When we had the ‘cat’ cut off our 14 year old Prius, we did not even bother with the insurance company. It was better for us to source an aftermarket ‘cat’ and have the garage fit it. Remember, when you claim on the insurance, you still have to pay the excess, unless you have NCB Protection, you will lose some of your NCB. Also because you’ve made a claim, your premium will be higher next year.
If you buy back the car, it will carry a mark on the DVLA database (or somewhere else) to indicate that the car has been an insurance write off.
So work out what it will cost to fix your MX5 and see if it is worth going through the insurance company or not. You can withdraw your claim.


Withdraw the claim, lovely idea, but it is an Insurance company after all.
“oops the cat is still there I didn’t see it”. :smiley:

As I’ve been told, a claim is a claim is a claim, even if you withdraw it. Once notified it sticks and can/will be used to calculate future premiums! Well that’s what I’ve been told.

A MK2 style Eunos auto - wow that is a rare beast. At least I assume is it MK2 not MK2.5?
Do you know if the exhaust spec is the same as Manual?
If it is, you are laughing; if not it will be a fabrication job to replace.

Crikey, it’s not the easiest car to steal a cat from, you can’t see mine looking underneath my Eunos, buy it back, it’s quite a rare motor.

If it’s like mine, the downpipe below the manifold is different since the auto trans bell housing is a tight fit…after that I think its business as usual…since I fitted a CAT bypass no worries that does the manuals.