Stone chips, best way to treat these?


I have a few stone chips on my offside rear arch that i would like to touch up as thankfully there is no sign of rust but i’m not taking any chances!!!

The thing is, i have a Mazda touch up pen that came with the car, or Halfords do a touch up repair kit consisting of primer and paint.

Has anyone tried any of these and what would you recommend i do?



I’ve used a Mazda pen and cannot complain (it was quite cheap as well - though not as cheap as yours…)

If you touch it up, then use a bit of red polish (in your case) about 10 minutes later - I think it is turtle wax that do the ‘colour magic’ stuff - to go over the area, to smooth it off a wee bit, and help protect the new paint.

It will look as good as new from a couple of feet back, and pretty damn good close up - you’d have to look for it.

Note regarding the ‘colour magic’ stuff - it is excellent for covering up light chips/scratches, but unquestionably the worst polish I’ve ever used when it comes to getting a shine & even coverage - so I’d go over it with something a bit better (Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine is good for the money), to get it looking 100%


Have tried the Mazda pen i have which works a treatSmile



 been a car detailer when faced with doing this i normally use the OEM touch-up stick but never use the supplied brush. I have a supply of fine artists modal making brushes, the key is to just put enough color coat in to cover the primer and then after letting this dry use the clear to make a slight blob that stands proud. I then use 2000/2500 wet n dry paper to flat this back level before following up with either a DA or Rotary polishing maching and polish.