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  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC PRHT__
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Hi Folks, just wondering…we’re on a trip in France and "fully "packed , we would like to buy some good wines from here so…storage place becomes an issue. my question is; is it possible to use the room behind the seats on a NC PRHT, seems there are no "problematic " areas in that space…i know, …i have to open the roof half for that and its probably best to stow only loose items (jackets, blankets, small items etc…Is that a good idea? or better not? thanks, we’re leaving tommorow .

Bags of room in there when lid up, ZERO room in there when lid hid.

It can become very expensive if the lid tries to share that space with ANYTHING, even a soft jacket.

That being said we have often put local last-minute food shopping in there just before arriving at a holiday rental.

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If you do use this space make yourself a ‘WARNING’ sign to hang from the interior mirror or place in a prominent position as a visual reminder not to operate the switch. Also cover the switch with dayglow tape as a back up.
The consequences can be injurious to your wallet.


Just a thought, it may worth checking the all up weight as there is not much to play with once you have two occupants - see this link

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Good point.

Some of us might be 80-100kg others 60-70kg. A pair of 90+kg occupants don’t leave much margin for baggage, let alone supplementing future liquid refreshment.

A few decades back one of my work colleagues did a smokes&booze cruise twice a year in his big Volvo estate. On the final trip before he gave up this money making exercise he was pulled over by UK authorities at Dover.
He had made the rushed mistake of filling the car in the wrong sequence, with booze stacked to the roof at the back of the estate load-bed and ciggies at the front, instead of his usual other way round.
With front wheels barely touching the ground the car was rather obviously overloaded!

Probably too late for this advice now, but what we used to do on our French trips in the MX-5 (NC soft top) was to fit a boot rack then on the final day in France we moved our suitcase from the boot onto the rack thereby leaving a wine space in the boot.
Alternatively take a “boot bag” or similar to free up space in the boot.
As I say probably too late for this trip to find and fit a boot rack or a boot bag, but you’ll know for future trips

No harm in using any space immediately behind the seats themselves for, say, blankets.

Thx guys,i will bear this advice in mind and as i don’t want any expensive consequences on this i just won’t risk it. Might do it for a "colder/wetter trip when the roof stays up. As for now, the weather is excellent so driving roof up is no option., we will buy less wine and my wife has to take some (small) luggage in her footwell area. Was considering buying a “boot-bag” but i’m a bit scared to damage the paint, not where the luggage lies (that mat seems safe) but more concerned about where the retaining straps pass trough and make contact. . Any personal expieriences here?

It won’t.
I have one and trust me, if their was “Any” sign of a mark it would have relocated to the bin.
The straps don’t damage either. I do put a bit of rubber edge trim on just in case.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Thx guys,exactly the kind of confirmation i wanted to read :ok_hand:, will order mine … so …more wine to bring along on my next France-trip…