Strange reg on mk1 mx5

I saw this earlier and just realised the registration is wrong for the model of mx5.

I did a quick search and it appears to be an 03 reg.

Looks like the DVLA got that one a bit wrong.

I have BBR Turbo that was made in 1991 but not first registered until 2001 and NOT import.Apparently it was in collectors set and only registered in 2001.Thats info from DVLA !!

They used to give imports an age related reg at first registration in the UK relevant to the first used date, don’t know if that has changed over the last few years? Example my previous 1998 Mk2 arrived in the UK in 2008, it was given an ‘R’ plate

The car was imported into Belfast. The DVLA say 2003, but they can be out by 2 years, as they appear to ignore any documents supplied by the DVLNI. The DVLA list the plate change in 2008; KAZ3714 was put on a 1 year old Fiesta in 2008. I’d imagine the car was traded in for next to nothing at that point, and the dealer didn’t really care to do the paperwork correctly…or maybe there was something funny going on with the scrappage scheme then.

Registrations, at least during the period of Jap imports, have always been based on first registered use. DVLA appear to have taken the Belfast importation date as being 2003, not 1993, as being the date of first use.

FYI, I brought a late 1991 Roadster in Lisburn in April 2000, relocated the car to GB in 2003, reregistered, retaining NI tag then, and in 2005, retained the NI tag, and fitted age related plates to the car. After 3 months, including letters from the DVLNI, the DVLA finally agreed to issue the correct J-reg plate, rather than a H-plate. It took a further 6 months, when retaxing the car, to find out the DVLA had forgotten to properly release the plate…(it couldn’t be taxed). After all that, the DVLA had put down the date of first use as August 2000. The DVLNI had the importation date as back in November 1997, and I know the build date was around September 1991. It wasn’t my car by then, so was no longer my concern.

I’d imagine its a complete nightmare to get everything right on a car imported and registered in the ROI, then registered in NI, then taken over to GB. It should be simple, because ROI and NI both require the original importer to furnish an official translation of the Japanese deregistration document, which is very clear about when the car was first registered. DVLA I think take a glance at this for cars imported directly to GB, then bin it. DVLNI retain everything on file, seemingly ad infinitum,