Strut Brace kit - is it worth it?

Greetings everyone

Fresh from the high of attending the Elvington meet and seeing so many lovely MX5s, I’m now looking at the next step in the personalisation of my NC sport. I’ve had the steering wheel recovered by Royal Steering Wheels (fabulous job!) and have done some colour coding to the badges and mirrors after having the alloys refurbed in graphite. I’m now thinking of a mechanical spend and the strut braces are top of the list but at nearly £500 for the complete kit, I’d love some feedback from other drivers as to how effective they are and whether it’s a worthwhile mod. MA08ZDA isn’t a daily driver but more of a project car, to be enjoyed on the back roads of the Northeast when time and weather allows so some honest feedback on this would be much appreciated as also on my list is to have the weary seats recovered at some point and i’m not sure where would be best to sink the saved funds.

So decisions, decisions it is…any and all advice gratefully received!



There are people on this forum that advise the mechanical coupling of the said brace and it’s own construction of the brace itself is not up to transmitting enough force through them to stop the body flexing to any reasonable effect.

They suggest that the braces are not of any real assistance.

One well known MX5 race driver from Sheffield on the forum this year, advised that he did timed runs on a double blind basis with a car equipped with after market braces and then on the same car without the aftermarket brace and could not show any reduction in lap timing with the brace fitted.

I have not done such tests therefore cannot comment.

Hi P,

It all depends on your interpretation of ‘worth it’. If you are looking for performance gains then the consensus is no. On the other hand if looks are what you want then may be yes.

Thanks folks, your swift replies suggest those available funds should be spent on the seat restoration.

Spoken to a recommended upholsterer just now and going to see him in the next couple of days to discuss my requirements…

I think the truthful answer is yes, if you are human. No actual advantage but as with a lot of other things in our lives, the belief that somehow the situation has gained advantage is all that is required psychologically to facilitate tangible improvement. I think this is loosely termed a placebo effect.

If you like the idea go for it.