Summers arrived.. 🇦🇺

Hi all well Summer has finally arrived… :uk:

Having only just purchased a soft top we are now debating on while the roof is down do we leave the windows up or lower them … ?

Sorry if this has been mentioned before but we are thinking along the lines of … if the windows are left up this would offer a little more protection from the sides like stones or other hazards…

Love to hear your thoughts…

Please forgive me if this sounds really stupid… :joy:


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I do both but the radio does sound better with the windows up.
Windows down if your wife wants to discuss household tasks…….!!


Yes we do both, depending on speed and roads you are on. If I’ve got the aircon on then the side windows up help with the cool airflow.


Ah yes…those were the days you could do what gets you jailed now. :wink:

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Windows down, you look weird leaving them up! Admitedly I do pop them up between about 3 and 7 degrees to keep the heat in the cabin, and also if it gets rather hot out to keep some cool air in. To minimise buffet on the motorway if travelling alone it’s often remarked leaving the passenger window fully up is optimal.

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in town at low speeds, its windows down!
out on the roads at speeds 50 and over, its windows up!