Sunday is funday - Census 2021

Yes folks, it’s that time again when you spend hours filling in a form full of highly important questions:- “Does your WC have (A) A chain pull. (B) A lever flush. (C ) A button flush. (D) None of these”
It is supposed to be completed on-line on Sunday 21st (The site will no doubt crash!) or as soon as possible thereafter. You can complete the form prior to that date if you know that your circumstances will remain unchanged. If however you do pre-fill the form and then die prior to the 21st you will be prosecuted posthumously for making a false submission. Have fun!!! :crazy_face:

PS: For anyone taking this post seriously (# 5), :thinking: it is meant to be a p/ss-take! :grin:


I leave that to SWMBO, her fault if it’s not done properly.:grin:


Did mine weeks ago online…! :slight_smile:
Hopefully will make it to the 21st to avoid prosecution :roll_eyes:

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Mmmmm think Im busy on the mentioned day, counting the individual hairs my German Shepherd has. :nerd_face:

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Filled mine in last week, you can do it anytime up to 21st

Yep - most important we do this properly.
Legal requirement too.
Also interesting to look back on family history using the 1939 registration docs and previous censuses.
Found some interesting facts about my ancestors recently - fortunately, not too embarrassing apart from my Great Grandfather who went to Canada when his young wife died and left his 2 and 4-year-old with their GrandMa and married twice over there in 1919 and 1930 - BOTH times to the SAME lady who had married someone else in-between times too!!!

Is this an England & Wales thing?
We have had no notification or paperwork to comply.
Just checked…nowt to do with us Jockhanistanis.

Yep! Just us Sassenachs and Dia’s, the guy with the tally stick does Jockhanistan another time. :+1:
PS: Whoops! Forgot it includes Nrnirnders too!

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Won’t have to declare the imported slaves I bought at market, and keep in the basement, for a bit yet.

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Hope we’re not related. Also have been working on the family tree for sometime, and recently had a mystery cleared up. The 1841-1911 census were tremenously helpful. The electoral rolls less so. The mystery concerned my Great grandparents on my dad’s mothers side (a mystery family as she died when he was 11). I knew they lived 1919 to 1939 in Dalston. The mystery was that the Grandmother’s name didn’t appear on the electoral rolls upto 1939, but another woman’s name did. The grandmother’s name then appeared on the National Registration in 1939 (registration for ration cards etc). What gived? Worse, I could find marriage records between the grandfather and this other woman in 1901, but nothing for the lady my dad knew as gran. And there was a big gap between the marriage and first children of 11 years. All the children had the maiden name of the other woman on their records.

Eventually someone in Canada filled in the details with convincing evidence.

The other woman left for Canada sometime around 1910, with her daughter, shortly after the death of a boy. In Canada, she presented herself as a widow and promptly married her brother in law. Meanwhile, back in the Eastend, Grandad shacked up with the Irish girl upstairs (house of multiple occupancy), who was gran, who then seemed to take on the name of the other woman. God knows why. They don’t appear to have ever been married, and seemed to have carried on a sham for the next 25 odd years, until something “official” that might affect something they cared about (ration cards= food) came along. Then they got cold feet. Cue Eastenders dramatic ending music.

Things happen in families, and sometimes you have no idea why. On my mother’s father’s side, his father was born in a Workhouse, with unwedded teenage mum. Three years she marries a Hawker, and they have 3 more sons. Family legend is that Alf was beaten by his step dad, and this was why he joined the army at a young age. And when he got married at the end of WW1, he changed his name from his “step dad’”'s name to his mothers. I thought that was reasonabl settled until I had a DNA test done, and it trns out I am related to the Hawker. There goes the family story. I have no idea why he changed his name now, and never will.

They can use the answers I have to provide on my application for settled status.

Seems very light on questions this time, shouldn’t take more than a few minutes

Are you still allowed to put down “Jedi” under religion?

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What’s “religion”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Be careful, I will come after you with my light sabre - I can use the force to find you!!!

In the 2001 census there were more than 70,000 people in Australia who recorded their religion as “Jedi” and 390,000 in the UK! many around - although I am not one…

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Just completed my online census form. Ignored the question about Religion as it’s “Voluntary”, but I can’t understand all the questions about my last job - it was 16 years ago for goodness sake. A point I made in the feedback afterwards. Now if it were 2/3 years ago it might have some relevance for today, but 16 years? Oh, c’mon!!!