Swiss MX-5

swiss regards from a new forum user :switzerland:

sorry, my english isn’t so good but it should improve thanks to Babbel … :rofl:

I live in Valais, and I enjoy our alpine roads with my 2017 MX-5 ND 2.0 liter. It’s my sixth MX-5 …

I guess I’m a real petrolhead (35 cars since I was 19 years old … from a Dyane 6, my first car, to a Cadillac Eldorado 1975, the biggest and … the thirstiest). about 15 motorcycles and scooters also made a more or less long stay in my garage.

I like english cars (Morgan, TVR … etc). I still have the Silver Shadow :heart_eyes: documentation that I requested from the RR dealership when I was 17 …

The MX-5 share the garage with a 2017 Electric Blue Mini Cooper S (the third :wink:)

I look forward to share with you some pictures and discussions


Hello and welcome, interesting car history!

Welcome to the forum Olive, great to here from you hope your English will improve with time👍

Welcome, great picture :slight_smile:

Hiya Oliver,

Welcome on board, such a plethora of car, dare I ask which is your favourite?


They were all different but I liked all of them.
My favourite ? An english car of course ! :yum:

Our 70th Anniversary 4/4 Morgan. We enjoyed it nearly 9 years :heart_eyes:

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Morgan’s are very special, prices never seem to go down…lovely picture.