Tailpipe tips

Hey guys, i have just bought my first ever mx-5, its a 2017 2ltr sport nav RF and was a little bit miffed that it doesn’t come with decent exhaust tips. Does anyone know where i can purchase some from in the uk??

There are a few listed on the well known auction site or various motor stores may stock, depending on the style you want. However I reused a set I had on a Scirocco from 2012, they have a slanted finish and look fine and are a good fit, you can get similar on Amazon. You need to measure the outside diameter of the exhaust pipe that then becomes the inside diameter, you need when searching for the tail pipes. You also need to check the length of the trim your thinking of buying is not too long.

The thing that im worried about is that because it is a twin exhaust there doesn’t seem to be much room for some exhaust tips!! Think i need to get measuring!!

I bought 2 Ulter Sport Exhaust finishers - 70mm round and 120mm lengh. they fit great. you get long grub screws that stick out a bit so I just cut them down a bit. apart from that they look fine. 





Pictured on my ND



Cheers, Rich



Just polish them up with Autosol or similar metal polish inside and out. They are stainless steel. Then keep up to them.

I’ve never been a fan of enlarged tailpipes. Makes me think of a bunch of 17 year olds in a Macdonalds car park, 1L cars with 6 inch tailpipes,

but  and that’s a big but, it takes all sorts, everyone to their own, the customer is always right, etc etc.


So to quote another saying, heres one I made earlier.