Temporary working clutch!

 Hi, I hate to come in on my first post asking advice but i’ve been surfing for many weeks on here taking it all in and reading the FAQ’s and its all good stuff. I bought an MX5 off here a month or so ago and since i’ve had it its had alot of niggly little faults that i’ve slowly been putting right. I’m driving to the Le Mans 24hr the week after next and bought the car for that sole purpose. Just about got it all sorted when i lost the ability to put the car in gear.

As per many posts on here i inspected the clutch slave cylinder and found it to be leaking and hardly moving. So i’ve bought a new one and fitted it and it now moves twice as far as the old one and allows me to put the car in gear. When i reversed the car out of the garage and went to put it in first gear it wouldn’t do it. So i’ve reinspected the slave cylinder and rebleed it and its definately working fine. The biting point is nearly at the floor but i was going to look if there was a pedal adjustment?

Whats peculiar though is that if i sit in the car with the clutch pedal to the floor and just put it through the gears without lifting the pedal, i can get through about 3 gears before it will then no longer go into gear. So if i then lift my foot from the clutch pedal and then reapply the pedal to the floor it will now go into gear the same again until i have to lift the pedal again to reapply to allow gearshifting. I don’t have to pump the pedal as if to make pressure, just simply lift and reapply once. My thinking is that its maybe passing pressure in the master cylinder. Just wondered what the views were of some more experienced members on here?

I daren’t go out in the car to test it any more than what i have as when i first lost the ability to put it in gear i was in the middle of rush hour traffic and had alot of angry people stuck behind me. I look forward to any thoughts.

 Sorry, should have mentioned that it’s a 1991 Eunos 1.6.

Replace master cylinder Thumbs up

Ok thanks, i’ll order a rebuild kit.

 As an update for anyone that has similar issues, i ordered a rebuild kit from MX5 Parts and when it arrived it turned out to be a genuine Mazda kit. Took five minutes to get the master cylinder out, ten minutes to strip clean and rebuild it and just over five minutes to get it back in. All is well with the clutch now and the issue fixed.

Well done for sorting it so quickly Thumbs up

 Love how cheap and easy these cars are to work on. Anybody replacing the slave cylinder, i think i would recommend rebuilding the master and cleaning out the reservoir for a totally clean functioing system.