That's a girls car!!!


Does any body else get this said to them? I’m fed up!!

Whats worse about it is that its people who have cars that arnt even worth the V5 its printed on.

So what I drive a white convertible. I’m proud to own a MX-5.

Probably jealous!


 Ask them to name an affordable mans convertible. They’ll get stuck.

Sometimes, but I get really frustrated by people saying " you using your MG today" How dare they!

 Reply with 2 words ending in off,then go away & enjoy your car.Wink


A sure sign of ignorance. They’ve never even been driven in one, never mind driven one themselves. Smile at them as you would at an imbecile - it’s not their fault…

Take them for a ride… sideways round a few roundabouts … guaranteed to change their minds.


 Not had this said to me yet & i`m on my third one now!

Did have a workmate shout “in the hairdressers car today then” as he sat sweltering in his Vectra leaving the works car park a few years back. I replied "how the hell would you know what a hairdresser drives youve not needed one for years" (as hes bald as a coot)…Not had a peep from him since, bless him  Big Smile 

they wouldnt say that to a friend of mine who’s a firearms officer; remember it takes a real man to wear pink so just smile and wave :slight_smile:

nope, as mine looks like this! Big Smile

 blow 'em a kiss and offer to cut their hair…usually shuts 'em up

A girls car!!?? Those same people shouting from their Vitara cabriolets with their candy pink paintwork?

A girls car!!?? Oh, I see - you’d rather drive something to attract boys then? Riiiiiight Huh?

I try to tell them a girls car never drove this well. Said the same thing with the MR2.

lol!!!Dancing class

Jealousy brings out the worst in people doesn’t it… on my second week of ownership and it’s reared its head only a few times.

Most people though are loving my new ride. Mostly those in the know, other petrolheads, and even some diehard bikers. Lets face it - if anyones opinion is valid then its gonna be theirs as the know what they’re talking about. As for the odd “hairdresser” commentors, well i for one, feel sorry for them as they have to drive overpriced, boring, tin sweat boxes.

My roadster looks and handles about 10 times better, and costing 10 times less its all paid up and all mine, not the banks.

Feel pride, but hide that inner smugness, they hate you for having a such great car. Big Smile

Yep just jealousy. I have had it said to me by someone that owns a Citroen c2.

Then at work I have had a customer that owns an 1960’s XK jaguar and a Porsche tell me what a great car the mx5 is as he used to have one. Then another that owns a couple of classics worth about 70k each he used to have one. 

its just jealousy. 

Mostly “hairdressers car” around here! Bothered? maybe’s once upon a time having now driven 'em who cares! 

 Well, if it’s not a Mk1, it is!Big Smile

 I don’t know if it’s jealousy or just people trying to be clever and thinking they are funny. I found a fix for this problem, I just told them “the last moron who said that to me got a smack in the mouth”, never actually hit anyone yet but just saying it seems to do the trick, it’s been a good while now since anyone tried to be funny with such a remark to me. (must stress I’m not a violent person)

 Who Cares? Bought mine as a toy for weekends, now use it to commute 60mls a day makes going to work almost enjoyable, although retire tomorrow, even more enjoyable. Then will realy start to cover the miles in my ‘GIRLS’ car

 Congratulations on your retirement Verdun .

S&J .