The new forum....when ?

So when does the new improved forum launch ? 

Well when ? 

I suspect the people who can give you an answer to this might be a little bit busy this evening…

I think something was happening this morning or maybe another reason why the forum was out of commission for a number of hours.

I agree negative comment/timing to ask this based on the effort that has gone into the event today…


It was supposed to be ready by now…the only negativity is the lack of forward progress to address the issues of this pos forum. A bit less of    

  - It will happen soon I’m sure. 


With 232 posts in 10 years it can hardly be that urgent for you!


What you are ignoring is the fact that the work is not being done by a professional software company for a fee, but by unpaid, volunteer OC members doing the work in their own time!  My advice to people who whinge and whine in situations like this is “put up or shut up”!


I can’t see why anyone should regard asking that particular question in that way as “whinging and whining”… Having been told we are getting a new forum a very long time ago, nothing has changed and no information has been officially given out, which is all that’s being asked for here.


The main problem I see with this forum is that whenever a reasonable question is asked, or a difference of opinion is expressed, someone lurking at the bus stop jumps on the outrage bus.

I agree with you Paul that we have waited a long time for this but it was the timing of it that was ill judged given it was a very busy weekend for the club event organisers. 


So you’re outraged at me expressing MY opinion!

I believe the relaunch was meant to coincide with the national rally…so for the sycophants who always have to defend…  and the number of posts anyone makes is irrelevant…I pay my subs like the next member, so again…




And to “armchair experts” 


Topic locked until a committee member can reply

There hasn’t been advised previously and isn’t yet a specific date for the new forum to be launched.

The forum launch will follow updates to the membership engine and core website which are undergoing testing and will be launched hopefully to Area Coordinators at the AC meeting later in October.

The updates are being managed by a professional company.

Administration and operation of the site (with the exception of the membership process) is carried out by volunteers.