The new forum

 Just giving it a go to see what my posts look like now!!!

 Nope don’t like it! Would want Jon and I to be able to log in seperately so looks like its not the place for us. Have fun everyone and may see you at an event or two!!!

check out notes on old forum, we will have separate access for joint accounts like we have said we will, just not done it today… as its more complicated… come back soon…:slight_smile:

 umm, t’is very shiny [<:o)]

 Na na na na na na na na…We’ve entered the ‘Twilight Zone’
 I feel a steep learning curve coming on!!

Looks good to me!!!

Looks ok, but I think it’s like a lot of things, it’s going to take a little bit of getting used to…[:O]

The answer to my question is probably on one of the forums somewhere…


but, how long do we need to keep looking at both forums to keep up to date with posts [:S]


ps looks very good so far [Y]

found it … looks ok  … but will take some getting used to[:)]


 seems to be some weird yank terminology floating around too [:@]


Ah, so I can only quote from the previous posting?

…and I can’t edit a post here

deary me, old fogey status seems to have kicked in at 40, I’m not finding this new forum as intuitive as the old one [:$] and there are less smileys to choose from [:'(]




Hi Bob, I know that you are Robert Pain, but why does it say so in the quoted bit?


I think because it was quoted before Bob changed his display name to SPB… see my test posts above  :slight_smile:

So far so good…Thanks to Robbie for the info on how to change the forum display name[:)] Agree not as many smileys - gonna have to get more creative with smiley combinations[:D]

we can add more smileys, :slight_smile:

 There doesn’t seem to be a facility to edit or delete your own posts…

yeah, there is, its set in some forums but a few still need edit etc turned on…