The Rocket Roadster Drive – Sunday 3rd November 2019

Updated 12/10/19 THE MEETING POINTS **** 

All aboard and full steam ahead on Claire and Sandy’s drive on Sunday 3rd November.

Keeping in line with the boats and automobiles theme we have previously conducted at this time of the year, we will stay on track and keep out of the coal-d by finishing the year with a buffet lunch on the Great Central Railway.

We have now chartered the train and we are delighted to welcome you all aboard… Choo Choo 


We meet at:

Mill on the Soar (Pub)

Coventry Rd,

Broughton Astley,



We will be leaving at 9:30am at the latest.

The breakfast room upstairs has been opened for us if you wish to have a full breakfast or just a coffee, please arrive early if you want a full breakfast as we can’t extend the leaving time.   

From there we will be Choooing up the miles as we head towards our first stop where you will have time for coffee and cake, however we only have a maximum 45 mins for the stop, so no monkeying around (clue)…

Once coffee is done we need to hit the tracks and drive full steam ahead to the Train Station to catch the 12:50 Train where lunch will be served… 


Quorn & Woodhouse Station - LE12 8AG - Parking in station yard

You can stay on the train for a many rides as you wish 


Buffet ‘Gold’ Menu -  

Roast Chicken drumsticks

Parma Ham Slices

Goats cheese log (V)

Duck and green peppercorn Pate

Gravlax Salmon

Beef Stroganoff and rice

Cous Cous

Caesar salad


Potato salad

Green salad

Selection of breads


Mini Danish Pastries

Summer fruit pudding with Cassis

Tropical Fruit Salad


Confirmed on the Train:

Sandy & Claire - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Ann & Martin - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

John & Michelle - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full CANCELLED 

Andy & Suzannah - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Christine & Headley - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Dave & Karen - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Cath & Dave - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

John & Maureen - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Paul & Karen W - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Phil & Josie - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Dennis & Lisa - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Dave W & Ann - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Jan & John - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Dave & Julie - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

David & Jenny - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Carole & Terry - Deposit Paid - Cancelled Cry

Chris & Wendy - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

David & Ann M - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Ian & Theresa - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Paul & Karen B - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Don & Kate - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full

Gary & Sarah - Deposit Paid - Paid in Full


Mick & Nicky Cresswell

John and Michele


Hi Claire and Sandy

Deposit paid.


John and Maureen

Andy and Suzannah paid

Karen and David paid

Chris Collington paid

Hi. Clare,

Dennis & Lisa Paid 

Phil and Josie deposit is paid we have now paid in full

Hi Claire & Sandy,


We were booked onto the list that has now been deleted!


Sorry but we don’t do internet banking.  We would like to go but would have to give you our deposit at the next meeting.

Please let us know if this is OK?



Thank you,

Julie & Dave



This is not a problem Julie, see you at the Coopers ???


Hi Claire and Sandy 

Cath and David paid 


Hi Sandy & Claire
Will pay you at next meeting
David M



We would like to do this drive.  Please add John and Jan to the list.

We will pay the deposit on the next Thursday meet at the Coopers.



Jan x

Hi Sandy and Claire,
will you please transfer myself and daughter
Theresa from the old to the new list for this
event.We will pay the deposit at the next meet
at the Coopers.
Kind Regards.

Please include us.

we will pay at the Cooper’s at the end of the month. Hope that is ok.



Please add Karen and Paul Wesson to your list.

I‘ll transfer funds next time I fire up the laptop 

Thank you! 

Please add Dave W and Ann to the list … Will do bank transfer


Dave W

Please add Anne and Martin to the list.  We will do a bank transfer.


Please add Karen and Paul B  I will do a bank transfer