The Sandringham final countdown!

Keep a track of the countdown here… 

Countdown to Sandringham

 Lots more details to be released soon, watch this space…!

I shall be there - my first event as a new member and proud new owner of a 2000 Mk2. My first open top car since 1972!!

First event for me to although been a member since buying the car in 2004 I am ashamed to say (first event that is ,love my car). attendeing from Somerset.

We are on our main holiday the week before the rally, so we get to have a long weekend straight after near the rally site. It will be our third rally and have already made a shopping list for some new goodies to buy, hopefully at discount prices.

Hi all, I’m new to the ownership of an MX-5 only 1 week, but I’m loving it. So I’m in for my first rally and thoroughly looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Looking forward to this ;o)

This will also be my first event as a member, been a member since about March time now so really looking forward to it :). is it just the sunday or both saturday and sunday?


The main rally day is on the Sunday,

There’s no accces and nothing happening on the actual rally site for Club members on the Saturday but there will be a Club welcome point set up at the Sandringham Estate near the visitors centre. Runs will be available and they start from there. Details of those should be online for you to download and print in a few days. They’re not led runs so you undertake entirely at your own leisure.

Saturday is also the perfect time to visit the House and Gardens. Discounted admission is available to Club members as detailed elsewhere on this Rally forum. Bring your membership card so you can claim the discount.

The dinner is on the Saturday evening but tickets for that are now all sold out.

I hope that helps and we look forward to seeing you… Smile

hope to do this will confurm soon ,doing Sunday 8th with Dad

Traders list published today with more to follow, check out this thread.

Watch out for more details of what’s happening at the Rally as we get close and closer to the BIG weekend… Smile

As a new member this will be my first meeting,looking forward to meeting other members and thier cars plus I hope to meet some local members (East Sussex area)

I shall be there, my first national rally with u I have been a member since January. So im looking forward to meeting everyone. We are coming from Barry Vale of Glamorgan.

Yay, managed to get booked into The Globe in Kings Lynn - not many places left anywhere else.

Looking forward to my First National.

So what can you expect at Sandringham? 

I can tell you that we’ve got:

something to challenge your driving skill,

lots of things to buy with great rally special offers and a special area for the ladies!,

we’ve activities to test you,

we’ve probably got the noisiest thing ever to appear at an OC rally!,

we’ve got places where your car can get some attention,

there’s great technical advice available,

there’s loads to eat and drink,

there’s a Royal residence next door!,

we’ve got music and much more,

plus of course many old and new friends to meet up with.

So are there also cars in a field? yeah, you bet. Is it an event to miss if you are an MX-5 Owner? no way…

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One intrepid Eastern member is already on his way to Sandringham, but via 15 motor racing curcuits, a 1500+ mile trip, raising money for RAFA… Check out his plan out here and follow his progress on Facebook here.

And be ready to give him a big welcome on Sunday, when he is due to arrive at Sandringham about 11.00ish.



No need for brollies this year:

Question is, which traders are selling oil at the show, as the S-Limited is burning a lot.

Is there going to be anyone there who can deal with minor scrarches?



No sorry, there was talk of it but the company we approached weren’t happy painting in a field due to no electric supply.