The Wave

Hi all, im a new member and drive a ND4. Had it since August last year and don’t get many waves. Is this a ND4 thing, or now I’m a member , will I get the waves ???

I wave or flash the lights on my ND, but I get more waves in the NA.

Get yourself and your ND along to a club night in your area and meet other members, that way you will get more waves, simples.

I’ve had a mk2 a mk3 and for the last 3 months a Mk4.  I’ve had no waves since my ND4

Fourth day of ND ownership and I’m still waving. Got a wave back from another ND today but nothing back from an NA.

The older model your car is, the more waves you’ll receive. 

This is wavest ??

I always wave to any model, but get little response. It’s the same with my current ND as it was with my previous NC. I’m hoping with more top down sunny days things will improve 


2017 :

2018 :

already 21 UK’s MX-5 on 96 registered, come with us in Normandy in june

you begin with us …
you take a week holidays
you finish with Le Mans 24 hours

Hi what are the dates and details etc please

I too wave(acknowledge) another MX5 but have never had a response, maybe it’s because I am also in an ND?, interestingly I looked in at a small Classic Car event last week and there were a couple of MK1’s on show, I started a conversation with one owner about owning an MX5 in general, all was going well until I told him I have the ND model, suddenly no interest what so ever (I am sure this is not common among the majority of MK1 owners), I wonder is there a little bit of the ‘Green eyed Monster’ prevailing, lets hope not.
I shall still wave until I get fed up with having no returning acknowledgement and then, only then in reply.

I have a mk3 and do recieve waves.but I reckon it’s the older generation who waves the most.

I very miuch doubt there is any envy, but the Mk4 may just not do it for some people. It took me ages to get to like Mk3’s, now I own 2. Was nit keen on Mk4 for a while but now love them. I run a club for owners and have never experienced envy at all. We all drive MX5’s.

…We all drive MX5’s.

I agree
it’s a state of mind 


I have the feeling that some owner’s of the earlier models have yet to “get their eye in” so to speak when it comes to ND recognition due to it’s radically different look to theirs.