Thoughts on this rust?

Hey all, soon to enter the world of mx5 ownership and been looking around lately.

Budget is up to £10k ish.
Theres a 2L mk3 with 47k, 2010, Sport tech, from dealer. Wants £7k if take with this rust issue. £7500 if he sorts it, though it will only be surface treatment and touch up!

Probably difficult to give an accurate answer I appreciate.

MK4 would be nice but id be limited to a 1.5L for my budget and the mileage id want which im not too sure about, so a MK3 2L with less than 50K miles is where im at.

(West mids)

There was a NC 2 litre RC (?) for sale on here a few weeks ago with low miles. Maybe worth looking to see if it’s sold.

I think for that money I would want a clean unfettered car. Surface rust underneath maybe, but definitely not on the bodywork. Once rust is there it is never going away and the repair process will keep coming back.


Looks like it’s had paint before in those areas.
As Dave says above, I wouldn’t pay that money with rust on the bodywork. Do check the sill area under too, assuming that’s the rear arches?


Hold out for a clean one.
I only paid a little more than that for a 2011 folding roof 2.0l Miyako, a year ago, from a dealer.
Effectively 2 years newer.

That seems a bit expensive. A year and a half ago I bought a 2007 2.0 Sport for £6000ish with no rust.

I’d keep looking.

Personally that is far too expensive.
Don’t buy a car with rust unless it’s cheap. That isn’t.
I have just done an Auto Trader search for cars up to £10000 and under 50k miles and there are 36!
Some of them really good ones too.
Have a look and I think you will be surprised.
Other sites too, :+1:

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I have some mk4’s starting at £8500 that are unfortunately on the insurance register, However if I said one has had NO damage whatsoever but had an engine fault that couldn’t be fixed due to lack of parts in lockdown…moral of the story look and you will find a bargain…