Tickover on starting

As a newbie here I have already benefited from the wisdom and experience of other MX5 owners, and have another question for them.


On starting from cold, my tickover is 1500, slowly reducing to 1100, at which point I drive off. After a short while the tickover at rest is a steady 850/900, does not ‘hunt.’

Is this normal, is it an automatic choke as experienced with some other cars?



Yep most petrol engined cars do that it’s for emissions. Always seems a bit odd if you are used to driving a diesel.

I have not driven a diesel car for some time, been all petrol, we have a 2-year-old VW which doesn’t, and a 17-year-old MGF that doesn’t.
Reminds me of back in the day of chokes to pull to start, so a little surprised the MX5 does, hence my question.
Thank you for your reply.


Perfectly normal, you are lucky to have found a car that does this as it can often be a problem, certainly on the older Mk 1 cars.