Tictac, 2.0 sport nav.

Morning all,

Thought i might as well start a thread about the latest acquisition. Tictac (named by the missus as it looks minty fresh) is our 2016 2.0 sport nav what we’ve had for about 6 months now. It started out as a standard car but anyone who knows me knows this won’t stay standard for long but in all honesty i didn’t touch it for a while as it’s pretty damn good right out of the box. 

Mods so far: started with the remap by SA tuning who have mapped a few of my cars, now it has 186bhp and 232nm of torque but the best part is the throttle gets adjusted as well and now feels so linear all through the rev range. Then i managed to get hold of the Recaro seats and the mirror caps from the Sport Recaro, these are great seats being super comfy and supportive all at the same time. After that i got hold of the official lowering kit from Mazda and had that fitted with a good alignment so now the car handles a lot better but is just as comfy, uncanny. Light alignment was taken care of by a BBR adjustment rod. Also got the obligatory red oil cap, rear spoiler and sound pipe delete. I did try spacers on the rear but for some reason it just didn’t “feel” right so took them off again. Same with the stubby aerial, tried it and liked it at first but that soon got changed back. Also had Apple Carplay fitted at Mazda and a lower Zunsport grill to stop those pesky leaves and rocks. The car now sits on Dunlop sport maxx RT2 all round in 215/45 size.

All told i have to say this is a fantastic car and having owned a 986 Boxster S before now i can say this is about 8/10 of that car but a lot easier to live with on a daily basis. Looking forward to more adventure, here come the pics.



love the seats. Interesting to see the standard power output is 10bhp more than quoted

Love the colour and seats.

No battery covers on the ND’s?



No battery cover!  You seem surprised?

^^^ A weight saving maybe or cost cutting 

It just seems a bit unfinished, suppose I’m use to my Mk3 battery having a cover.



To be honest I’ve never had a car of any make with a cover on a engine bay mounted battery, so I would guess that the NC is the exception rather than the rule, and maybe, just maybe, little unnecessary things like that were the reason why the marque was seen to be getting a little overweight.

HAHA, now now boys. I had thought about a battery cover tbh. The only cars i’ve had with battery covers normally have fuses in there as well. 


Thanks. Tbh i was surprised it came out at that, just going to put it down to Shell 99 v-power and a colder day. 


What a lovely car, particularly like the seats and the red oil cap

Very nice car, tastefully modded!  Good point about having the sound pipe “neutered”, my 1.5l doesn’t have one, thank goodness!

Thanks. I didn’t think it did much in all honesty but it must do as it sounds like a proper car again. 



Did you “Do” the sound pipe yourself or did the dealer do it for you?  If you did it, was it difficult, what did you have to do?  Thanks.

It’s stupidly easy tbh. The whole pipe is held on by 2 10mm bolts (one on the wing, one middle right), the crankcase breather hose, the hose between the filter box and throttle body by 2 hose clamps with pozi-heads. Undo bolts, loosen clamps, pull crankcase breather hose off, pull intake hose off, pull hose out of firewall and lift away, take off hose clamps from the intake hose and place on new part, install new part, tighten clamps up, put crankcase breather hose on, pop the included grommet in where the pipe goes into the bulkhead. 10 minutes tops. 

You have to take the whole lot off as the new part only has the crankcase breather hose outlet on the top, only the hose clamps get re-used.  


Is the “new part” a Mazda unit and if so does it have a name and part number?  If it’s not a Mazda part where did you get it and what’s it called?  Thanks.

Looks great and very tastefully looked after too




I have a 2018 2.0 Sport Nav and can’t hear any sound coming through the bulkhead. Can anyone advise if this has been deleted in newer cars?






Everything you need is in that kit, all original Mazda parts.

You can see the hose in the left image below and removed on the right. I didn’t think it did much but it does, it transmits horrible farty noises through the bulkhead. I thought it was my exhaust at first and that’s how they’re supposed to sound but it’s that thing. Mazda, a noisemaker tube in a convertible, really? 



Great!  Many thanks!  I’m going to need one for the 30AE when it comes! 

I have chronic tinnitus so I don’t need any unnecessary “burping and farting” piped into the cockpit!