time for a new clutch, but which one?

so my clutch is starting to slip on a high rpm pull away so im guessing time for a new clutch soon ( although the clutch is fine in normal driving at the moment) 

I would like a slightly uprated clutch than standard for some fairly abusive driving and hopefully some time on the track. my question is, what clutch? ive selected a few: 

panther torque stage 1 (£150) and 2 (£200) clutches 



black diamond stage 1 (£204) and stage 2 (£262) 



f1 stage 1 clutch (£100 seems a bit cheap) 


sachs clutch kit (£170) 


so these are my choices, but im also open to others if anyone has reccomendations or any experience with these or any other clutches please help me out.  


mx5 mk1 1.8 1996

Personally, when it comes to a clutch, which has a tough life anyway, and will do for half the life of the car, I tend to avoid saving a few tenners by buying no-name ebay specials. Personally, since my OEM one has been treated like rubbish for nearly 100k miles and is still just about going, that gets my vote.

I seem to remember someone saying that the OEM is a Sachs but I can’t remember for sure. Out of those options, Sachs is the only name I know and trust.

Sachs is great quality as they make OEM clutches etc for most German cars ie Audi,Vw,Merc etc.My advice would be to fit 1.8 type flywheel ad suitable clutch ,if not already 1.8, and new Sachs full kit incl 2 bearings (release and spigot).



definately this, wise words.


on a different note, are clutches generally cheaper to change in mx5’s that FWD cars? unbolt prop, unbolt gearbox, drop? as opposed to having to canter / drop the engine entirely in most hatchbacks?


It’s still a fairly involved job as there’s a fair amount to do to get the gearbox out. But compare to a lot of modern FWD cars it’s a doddle, yes.

I had an old Astra for general dirty work and the clutch on that could be changed through a panel on the side. The next model along and it’s an engine (mostly) out and gearbox off job. Ah…progress.


Occasionally Moss will sell a Sachs clutch for a stupidly low price; a 1.8 Sachs kit from Moss cost me £50 as a special deal.

 Biggest problem is trying to get front exhaust pipe off at the flange to manifold and the bracket to gearbox .Otherwise straight forward job but without removing front pipe there is no room to remove gearbox fom engine/turret area


please explain how you got one for £50, that would do me nicely :slight_smile:


I remember eurocarparts had 50% off Sachs clutches last year…made it about £90 for the kit.

If it’s not urgent, I’d (get an email address for the purpose of spam, then) sign up for eurocarparts, moss, mx5parts newsletters and wait and hope for the best.

Hope its OK to revive this thread.  My Mk1 1.6 needs a new clutch.

An MX5 specialist ahs recommended an LUK clutch, which seems OK.

David Moss are offering an AP brand clutch kit for £95 - what should you look for in such things?

How big a job is it to do the clutch yourself? I live in an apartment block where you are not allowed to work on cars in the underground car park (boo…)

but I’m half tempted by this DIY garage http://www.pitstartgarage.com/index.html   £80 per day for a bay with a lift.



Personally I look for a name I know and trust in the world of clutches. Mazda OEM, or Sachs, or even Blueprint. Can’t say I’ve heard of LUK or AP, but I’m no clutch expert. Remember, it should still be there and working long after you forgot about the extra £50 or so.

Difficulty depends on experience. With a fully stocked workshop and a reasonable skill level, no more than a half a day I’d say. My (experienced) mechanic wants 2 hours to do mine. A beginner with no good tools or workshop will end up having it towed to a garage probably.

 I would also add, renew everything in there whilst you’re at it.

i.e. include Thrust bearing, Spigot bearing, possibly oil seal