Time for new Rubber: PS Cup2 v Federal RSR v Nankang NS2R

Time for some new 215/45 17" rubber for the 25th anni.


I don’t do many miles, so wear rate is not too much of an issue (less than 2,000miles a year)

I do a couple of track days a year and the car is a toy, so if it is raining, I have another car to use as a daily.

With my mileage, I guess I can get 3 years use out of the track rubber.


So these seem to be the 3 tyres available in 215/45 17 size but I would like to know if anyone has any feedback on them?

For example, will the rubber deteriorate over 3years, cracking etc

Sometimes it will rain, which one will have the better wet weather use?

Which one is quietest?


I was just going to fit PS4 but I thought as I do so little miles may as well fit some sticky rubber.


Thanks in advance for any feedback.





What do you actually want from the tyre? 

I was trying to get some information on the 3 tyres mentioned to be used on road and track.

In the end, I decided to go for an extra set of wheels shod with advan Ad08R for summer use. I’ll swap over the standard wheels with the OEM bridgestones for the other seasons.