Tonneau cover fixings

 Can someone please describe how to attach the 4 tenax fixings in the locations below the front screen on a mark 1 car. There are 4 holes with rubber plugs into which the tenax posts are screwed. 

How should these plugs be removed?  Are the holes threaded?  The tenax fixings which I have are self tapping.  Are these the correct type and do they simply screw in or do they require spire nuts below?  In which case how would this be accessed  




When I fitted mine a few years ago, it came with the fitting kit which included a miniature spanner tool? One end for the nut and the other was like a flat head screwdriver? The little rubber (more plastic than rubber actually) “pips” just prise out. I cannot remember fully but I think the tenax studs had a fine thread? Little room to work too, right at the front edge? If you’ve checked the studs fix to the buttons correctly, I’d not worry about that and just use the self tapper? TBH, that may be correct anyway as its a few years ago and memory isn’t what it was? 


Agree with Barrie.

The plastic plugs just prise out to reveal a small hole.

Original Mazda tenax type fittings would have had a long reach fine thread but most aftermarket ones available seem to have the self tapper end.

If you want to get the correct parts and unsure of thread size/length just experiment with threaded bolts until you find the right pitch and calculate what length it needs to be.

I read that someone recommended removal of the windscreen to fit these tenax - perhaps a bit over the top:-)

There isn’t much room and it is fiddly but they should wind in mainly by hand and perhaps a box spanner for the last few turns. Don’t need to be very tight - just nip up.