Tonneau cover help!

I recently bought one of these from another owner in really nice condition. Problem is, when I fit it to the car, the middle inflates with the turbulence and comes away at the back. Is this normal, or am I missing something?

Have it got securing straps on each side? Are you using them?



Yes and yes mate. It looks great until you drive it. I wondered if the previous owner had stretched it or something?



Sometimes they can get a bit loose so worth wrapping around twice to restrict the movement.

A lot of these with missing or broken straps - not a problem until you are racing up the motorway with the tonneau cover fitted.

This old thread may address any other fitting issue…

Tonneau Cover fitting 

Are you putting the straps round the correct roof link? They should tension the cover a bit.

Make sure you put the straps around the lower hood frame bracket, not the more obvious upper bracket

Fit though is variable. The boot on my 1996 has no straps, and only stays on if the car still. The S-Limited cover, despite relief cuts to fit around a roll bar, stays on fine at all speeds.

Thank you for all the replies, I’ll have another go. 

If all the poppers are done up right the way along the width of the cover then you should not have a problem.