Tonys 2.0 RF GT sport Nav+ mods Pic Heavy updated 22 Feb 2021 New thread.... "Spoiler build"

just updated with pics

Hi all picked the Car up yesterday a around 15.30 Nice run home with the top down did some tidying up in the boot area then today made a small carbon plate cover for the battery and rubberised the back tow not to Arc out the POS+ And Neg - terminals  took off the mazda strut brace and fitted the ally one (little Bit of Bling ) fitted Oil filler cap in red and a coolant  temperature filler cap gauge…





Then as the car will be parked up some times for weeks at a time as I will be in Canada a clip in battery trickle  charger   lots still to do over the next few weeks …


 you need some where to put your tea cup when detailing the engine bay 



Battery servicing and charging


charger socket kept in place by a small clip 

unclip and connect to the charger

secured by a small clip 


green charging 



thanks for taking the time to look 

Lovely car, I’m sure you will enjoy and have a lot of with it.

Have fun Tony looks a stunner, must have been a wrench parting with the Rx8 ? i thought mine was a great drivers car but the Mx5 even though i only have an NC far surpasses the 8 for driving and fun.

Thanks guys the car is fun to drive and as you said I think the 8 was good but the 5 is so much more from looks to driving and to the level of equipment it’s a hole new ball game but this time I not modding too much just a few bits thanks for taking the time to look

Went to take the car out today and the havens opened up so did a little more modding made a bracket ,some rubber trim around the foot plate … fitted the passengers foot plate, As the ND accessory 12 volt port is in the foot well and I need a 3 port socket for all my kit … the foot plate hides the cables and 3 port 2x usb extension socket then fitted the ally foot plates in the drivers side thanks for taking the time to look




Fitted a few bits over the last few weeks  pic heavy 4 pot Break kit 4.7 pounds lighter than stock rack side 



So the 9.4 LBs I save’d on the weight of the little brake kit I did this with it Cool



Also I wired in my side Markers rear to brake lights front to indicators photos in no particular order…



The Car has had 3M clear coat  paint protection fitted and ceramic paint coatings done with the black plastic having a clear film fitted


few shots of her after bedding the Brakes in Just have My oil pressure gauge and oil temp gauge to fit when I get the 2 pod gauge that i made back from the trimmers its been covered in black alcantra fabric 



also fitted 

side skirts 

front & rear aero spoilers 

boot lip spoiler…



Thanks for taking the time to look 






Hi looks good, question: see you have 20mm spacers , I am fitting 15mm to give some clearance to my 4 pot Wilwoods (cigarette paper clearance only against rim spokes ?) did you shave the ends off the standard studs to fit yours ?, would like to know please, mine arrive tomorrow and need to get ready with disc if needed. thanks, Paul H.

yes Paul I shaved around 4/5mill off the end of each stud ( you might have to take a little moor off on 15mm but best to take little at a time )  but if you bought the Wilwood 4 pot kit it comes with 3mm spacers so you would not have to do any cutting to fit the calliper …


regards tony.c

Hi Tony thanks for info, I already have the Wilwoods on the car (courtesy of BBR) they put 5mm spacers on but clearance to the wheel spokes is minimal so going to 15mm to ensure clearance, guess will be a trial & error job when fitting & initially offering them up , did you fit same spacers to rear as well or just fronts ? & did you do any geometry checking after fitting them, thanks, b rgds, Paul H.

Hi paul fitted 20mm all round looks a little chunky but it will do for now  as for the set up of the wheels its just been for wheel alinement and its all in the green so happy days …

Tony , thanks most helpful, mine have arrived, down to work this afternoon, b rgds, Paul H.

a few updated pics of kit fitted 


Over the last 9 months I done around 30 small mods some cosmetic some Have a purpose these I know are Not to everyones taste but its for those that like Marmite… so I thought I post up a few 


The Front Bumper on the ND Looks good but to set mine off I added the Zun sport Half Grill ( they do A Full Grill ) however I like to mix it up a little and as ~I am Not fixing my Number Plate to the top part of the bumper as so Many car have I put a Carbon fibre surround into mine …


.My number plate is fixed to the lower part of the Car and can be retractable by a switch on the dash or by a remote…(shows Only)



oil catch tank fitted


yes I got this off Ebay I took a chance at £24.90 and for once its worked out …well made and fits with out any bonding or screws just clips in and locks on…



As always thank you for taking the time to look …

Few pics of other mods fitted to the car in no particular order this update 26 dec 2019 pic heavy






Up Graded Roof controller the roof now operates with one touch operation on switch and has a maintenance position and also can be operated up to 45 mph but you can set the speed control opens and close less than 9 seconds 


carbon fibre controller surround 



oil catch tank fitted 


Rear Defuser on the go…!


Vary Air Duct fitting these parts are now being Carbon effect Hydro dipped by wicked coatings before final fitment hopefully at the end of January 2020






thank you for taking the time to look …

Also this year I made a little tray retaining plate I call it the clippy as there is no drilling or bonding of the item and because of its shape its sprung so it just clips in I was finding items put into the front centre console tray where popping out when pulling away and not always when I was giving the car a little welly any way its a simple bit of kit takes around 30~45 mins to make and just clips in 





thank you for taking the time to Look 

A little engine dressing …



Also done this year was my 2 gauge pod kit build for my oil pressure and oil temperature gauges as I like these Pro sport ones not cheep, four colour  screens a reset, hi and low alarms etc etc  once made then sprayed up black and covered in Alcantara fabric




fitted on a magnetic mount so that the gauges can be lifted so you can clean the windscreen also adjustment against sunshine


the base of the mount has now been covered in a carbon fibre finishing shroud 


Mods Done so far 


full aero kit fitted

Rear defuser Made 

mud flaps Made

battery cover Made 

oil pressure gauge mod done

oil temp gauge mod done

carbon fibre gear surround done

carbon fibre controls surround done

centre storage box light fitted

starter button surround fitted

20mm spacers fitted

4 pot brake upgrade fitted wilwoods

roof controller up grade fitted

Brake lines upgraded front only

Rear Brake housings painted to match the front wilwoods

ceramic coated paint done 

3M clear paint protection completed

black roof and rear quarters covered in pfp protection film

trickle charging mod completed

hideaway number plate kit fitted  with remote (shows only)

stubby Ariel fitted

Centre rear brake light strobe fitted

Door Catch surrounds fitted 

trunk/boot liner with bespoke tool kit fitted

boot/trunk liner stud fitted lid 

Oil dip stick handle fitted

Brake/screen wash/and oil filler caps in anodised red 

upgraded strut Bar

and around another ten small mods 

Oil catch tank mod done as well

side marker lights









Boot / trunk lid cover mod 


studs from a fabric shop £3.00 cover £12.00 time to fit 45 mins 



I keep a small folder be hind the cover with some Veh docs and car manual there and my Wessex Car Club show Plate 



thank you for taking the time to look 

Wow!!!  I admire your skill, patience and imagination!!!  Your car is no doubt totally unique!!!  Well done Tony, you’re an inspiration to us lesser mortals!!!

Thank you Countryboy for the vote of confidence how~ever it dose not always work out the way I would like  but just love modding …