Too old for MX5 Insurance?

One of the guys I play ping pong with of a Wednesday morning loves my car and would like something similar.
However, he is convinced he would never get insurance for it.
Is he right???
He is a sprightly 82…



Too old to get in and out of it, that’s what my elderly neighbour says or he’d buy mine, he’s 80. Only if the medical folk say you can’t drive anymore no one is going to refuse insurance on your age or determine which car you can drive so long as you able to that is I reckon.


He has sat in mine and had no problems.
He has been a sportsman all his life and is very fit and agile.
What worries him is that he has had trouble getting insurance for his VW campervan and fears a sports car would be even more of a problem.
He can no longer get car hire he reckons and had to take his own car to Ireland on a ferry as a result.

There’s a really simple answer to this.
Go online to gocompare or one of the Miriad of other insurance comparison sites and get some quotes, using your, or any other random MX5 as an example.
At least he’ll know where he stands.
Oh, and imo campervans are far more of a menace/nuisance/risk than any MX5 :thinking:


My father, 88, still ownes and rides bikes. Currently has one Matchless and three Hondas.

Bet an MX5 is considered lower risk than any of them,


I just acquired my first MX 5 at 75 years old & got insurance for £129.14 from Lancaster Insurance , Fully Comp. on Compare The Meerkat.




But while I’m also old I’m not as old as some I’ve recently seen driving them. How do they do it?

I found it a pain to drive a friends one on holiday several decades ago, when young and fit and with excellent peripheral vision. An occasional Transit van hire was much easier and infinitely more fun, despite being almost the same vehicle underneath.

I would not even consider it now, even with all the modern driver aids such as all round parking-view cameras.

But the NC is a dream to drive, especially top down with unfettered vision. When I bought it I thought this is my car for the final ten-fifteen years before my kids take away my license, seven years later I still see the same ten-fifteen years of happy motoring ahead of me.

So I can understand why there might be some variance when it comes to insurance.

But everyone is different.

Nothing beats trying it and seeing for yourself.


Yes, agreed.
I’m sure campervans and especially VW campervans with their largely young surfer type drivers, are considered much higher risk than an MX5.
I’ll suggest he uses my registration to get an online quote and see how it comes out.
Cheers Guys :+1:

Never too old.
Even for "that Special Club Run " when we all must embark upon the longest journey off all, and St Peter must decide if only Mk1 owners that day deserve a seat at His right hand…or to pity ND-ers for their foolishness.


There’s a hellva lot of variables and the answer can only be answered by the person in question doing his own research based on his own situation.

Your friend could perhaps try Saga for his insurance? I’m a few years behind your friend (I’m 69) but older customers are what they specialise in.

We’ve recently done our buildings & contents insurance with them, £60 less than previous insurer and just about identical cover. And I’ve just insured my MX5 with them for £6 less than previous insurers but with much lower excesses and protected NCB (extra £29 previously) included as standard.

Might be worth a try?



I insure both my MK1 and MK2 Sport both UK motors with Classic Line Insurance at very reasonable cost.
Suggest you give them a try on 01455 639 000

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I would speak to the NFU and AIB (broker in Southampton) my NA is with AIB on an agreed value policy​:blush::+1:

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I’ve just been down the annual insurance farce with my 30AE, (unfortunately I average about 1 a month, with 3 cars, 2 bikes, home, a rental, phone x2, internet, utilities) and I’m absolutely fed up with it, but it’s something that’s worth doing to save money.
This year the Hastings renewal went up by c£50, to £350ish, (was my BMW policy, transferred to the Mazda, so ideal time to jack up the price?)
The usual hour or so on the comparison sites netted me around £100 saving, with better cover.
61, low risk job & postcode, parked on driveway, wife named driver, 12k miles, sd&p + commuting, zero vol. excess, £150 comp.excess, legal cover, suspension, wheels and tyres declared as modifications, (not done yet) 7 yrs ncd £252 with LV.
I guess they’re buying business and next year the renewal will go up, the same as usually happens, but for now I’m happy enough.
3 weeks before the renewal date is apparently the best time to get quotes, I’ve no idea why.


Just to let you know we have a number of insurance schemes that have no upper age limit.

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I’m 81 have had my mk3 Mx5 2.0L 2010 powershift from new (soft top/hardtop). Have a number of extras such as Mazda boot rack, high line braking, chrome fuel inlet, etc etc, Fully comp. No claims protected. Wife on policy.
Total via Tesco £200.07…no problem insuring because of age its al down to having clean license etc.