Tool Library

Hi All

After the success of the Tech Day, we have decided to start a tool library.

What’s a tool Library ? I hear you ask.

Well it’s a collection of tools held by the region or members that can be checked out to help you complete those sometimes difficult (well if you don’t have the right tool) jobs.

As a start the region has purchased 2 handy tools
1. A Low Range Torque Wrench (from 5nm)
2. A set of Spring Compressors

Members have offered the following tools:

Pair of ramps and axle stands - Les (5UMO)
Pair of ramps - Charlie (Chezley)
Timing gun - Les (5UMO)
Sand Blast Cabinet (use of), a charge of a couple of quid towards the sand would help. (MX-Drew)
A 10 ton press (use of). (MX-Drew)
Compressor. (MX-Drew)
Torque wrench  (MX-Drew) & (FergyUK)
Ball joint splitter  (MX-Drew)
MIG welder (a few pounds towards gas and wire).  (MX-Drew)

At Future Tech Day events will will charge a small attendance fee which will go towards tea/coffee/cake and to extend the range of tools

A list of tools will be kept by Eric and Myself and all you need to do is contact us and arrange collection or tools could be posted if required.

So do any members have any tools they would be willing to lend out once in a while… Let us know and we will update the list

Hope you like the Idea

Fergy and Eric