track day @ spring rally.

I’m hoping to sing up for the track day at the spring rally and would like to know info on insurance and anything else that might be relevant.

i’ve never done a track day before so as much info as poss would be appreciated.


The event is being run by Javelin Track Days so their rules apply.  You can visit their website here:

Go to FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) and they will have everything you want to know… if that is not the case then please get back to me… either way, please let me know if this direction proved useful.

Here are 2 examples of their FAQ’s that relate to your query

What happens if I have an accident?

Although a trackday is generally a very safe time and place to try the limits of driving, in reality accidents can and sadly do happen. It would be dishonest for us to say otherwise. We endeavour to do absolutely everything possible to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and spectators alike. Part of this is staffing our events to meet ATDO rules and only using trained and experienced people. Should the unfortunate happen, rest assured that the attending marshals and medical cover will be fully able to cope and that full and proper procedures would be followed.
DO NOT Try to help unless directed to do so, you are more likely to get in the way.

  If I damage my car in an accident, who will pay?

Although trackday accidents are rare, if you decide to take your car on to a track, you must be aware that you are accepting the risk. By booking to take part you have already agreed to this. You will also be required to sign a further declaration at each event. This is usual on any trackday. The owners of venue, Javelin Trackdays or any other person or company cannot be held responsible, even if an accident is not your fault. It is becoming increasingly unlikely that your road going policy is going to cover you for a trackday so make sure you check with your insurance company first. Make sure you mention that these events are non-competitive and no racing or timing is allowed. Javelin can arrange cover you, for an additional premium. We always recommend you take out a separate per event policy to be sure. It is recommended that you consider if you have adequate personal accident insurance in place before taking part.

 Thanks Mick, thats been very helpful…

So does anyone know a good place for track day insurance, i’ve filled a few internet quote requests out so far but if anyone has used a certain company before and can let me know that would be grand.



Hi Moggy
AON’s owners club insurance deal includes cover for 4 track days per year, so long as you pre-notify them before each one. They also managed to come up with a better price than anyone else who quoted me.



Thats an interesting fact I wasnt aware of…





But to be honest Ive never bothered just drive at your own pace and dont push your car or your skills…

The Excess on these policeis can be in the region of £1500 so if your cars not worth much more than this then its not really worth it

In 5 track days last year the only cars I saw get damaged were idiots who went out on there first lap with cold tyres , brakes etc and tried to drive beyond thier limits one civic r type managed half a lap before stuffing itself into the tyres at Oulton park…

On the mazda days Only I saw NO damage (well a bit of cone scuffing at the MOT sprint day aside)


Also dont forget the drive as you go on sunday…this might be a gentler intro into what its all about…Its how I started It Haynes last year

and this year I hope to do 8-9 track days and Im booked up for the Nurburgring trip in May.


Additional costs will come in the way of Helmets (or Hire) extra wear On you brakes and tyres and etra oil ussage as you will probally be ragging the engine more than ussual.



The AON insurance cover generally only covers you if you have previous experience and you can prove it. You need to ask them.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /><o:p></o:p> provides very individual insurance, bit as said above, the excess on all these policies is relatively high compared to road terms for obvious reasons. <o:p></o:p>

 From my memory, and this policy might have changed, AON don’t cover any/many airfield venues, instead only covering standard tracks.  I know this as I enquired about Llandow prior to a trip there a year or so ago and their survey said ‘dit durr’.

Not the best quality in the world but here is an idea of what to expect on Saturday:

Elvington Trackday November 2008 … 1.8 California with digital dash filming me in my little Marina Blue 1.6 casing down a Red 1.8 both normally aspirated so not the fasted but great fun… com/watch? v=bjSyahE1V50&feature=channel 

not into youtube???   go here to see photo’s taken on the day… 2008 File, click on Elvington Trackday…

 Totally agree with alan on this, I dont think its worth the expence because we are all quite civilised on track and respect that the quicker guys are going to be lapping us ( your not included Alan lol) as Alan said weve never seen any mishaps that have included any damage to cars, you might get the odd spin off but there is usualy plenty of room for error, at Oulton Park  the last one I went on there were a few spin offs but no contact so all was ok. Youve got to remember we are not racing( I say that with tongue firmly planted in ones cheek) we are just trying to find the limits of our cars and we all start off gradually and then increase the speed but keep it within our capabilitys. Its all about having fun on the day and if we can help then just ask