Track days and COVID-19

Motorsport has closed down. Automotive events across the UK have been cancelled. The MX5OC has issued a directive that “all monthly meetings, drives and local Club events should be paused until further notice.”.

Yet, track days are taking place across the country. The various venue owners and organisers including Jonathan Palmer, former NHS physician, and CEO of MSV/Palmersport says all precautions will be in place.

I appreciate that there is a significant financial impact on the tracks and the organisers if these events don’t run. Many businesses are having to face this. But does this really make sense, given the challenges that are faced by the NHS?

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If in doubt…

A track day event I was to attend at Castle Combe on 8 April has been cancelled. I understand the reasons.

I think the virus has already spread too far for the measures we have in place. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think so. And then the idiots still treat it like a bank holiday weekend.

From the bunker.

I was going to the same one… :nerd_face:

Some of the tracks and track day organisers are taking a more responsible approach. Mazda on Track next Saturday has been cancelled. MSV have cancelled bike track days on Monday, but not car track days. It seems that money comes first for some businesses, and they believe attending a track day is “essential travel”

Hey ho. Car is now ‘laid up’ anyway as the dealer called this morning and cancelled my MoT and service booking tomorrow; they are closed until at least 14 April.

Motorsport UK has today extended its suspension of all events until at least 30th June. :frowning:

Bit moot that statement from Motorsport UK.

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I reckon end of September… or Xmas might be a better guess. :frowning: