Transmission Problem

I’ve been telling my story in the welcome area now need some help so I’ve come here. Hope this is the right place to ask.

Can anyone tell me if its possible to fit/wire a N4A-HL in to the above  car please and if so how. The car was originally fitted with the N4A-EL gearbox.

The N4A-HL box & torque converter has been fitted in the car & bolted up to the engine okay but there are a lot more electrical connections from various solenoids/valves. So my questions are

  1. Can these be wired in, if so can someone tell me how. Step by step for an idiots guide to electrics would be good. 

  2. Do I need a wiring Harness?

  3. Do I need the Ecu from the later car?

  4. Do I take it out and find a N4A-EL transmission instead

  5. Just convert it to manual & be done. ( But I really wanted a auto cos I’m old and fancied one as I’ve not tried auto before )

Any Help or advise would be greatly appreciated 



No idea, but have you got your gearboxes correct:

We have all 3 types of Auto boxes here from both mk1 and mk2. Most are low mileage Jap cars so boxes are perfect


The later boxes have lot more wiring than earlier ones so I doubt they can be rewired to suit and there is small ecu where clutch pedal would bolt in, also for the auto box