Transmission protection plates missing

Just done a full fluids service on my ‘new to me’ 2010 NC only to find that some monkey in the past chose not to replace 2 of the protection plates from under the gearbox. The first one located directly under the bell housing, the second one under the rear of the gearbox.

Would anyone know how critical these are likely to be ?? Can I get replacements ??


Do you mean these two, (2008 NC)?

And do you have the X brace?

Try phoning Autolink.

Hi Richard - Yes and Yes :slight_smile:

Cars didn’t have covers until fairly recently, (well it feels recent!) So you’ll be fine from a damaging the car point of view. They mainly keep the underside of the running gear clean afaik. Mine doesn’t have the rear cover from the pics, and the front one is a different shape too

I tend to agree with BBB.
But, bearing in mind their weight saving philosophy, Mazda clearly thought they helped in some way.
So, it is plastic under radiator, tin under the engine, plastic under the bell housing, tin under the gearbox

the one under the engine is metal on mine with deadening material. Its really rather heavy for something with little purpose. I’ve lightened it a tad by losing one of the 5 bolts that hold it on. I’m sure it will turn up when I get another car


Ah, you’re right. I was thinking of the bit under the radiator, part of the bumper really. I’ll correct the post above.

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I thought that would be the case - just doesn’t feel right to have them missing (not to mention the all too common broken battery cover !).

I’ve emailed Autolink - we will see what they say.


I queried this some time ago here as my car (NC1) has only the plate under the engine. I was concerned the others were missing as the chassis has all the tapped holes for them. From the replies of various owners it seemed the engine plate is always fitted but it seems to be (almost) random as to which of the others are fitted.

I changed gearbox oil on an NC2 once, it was a 5 speed. Surprised to find that ali cranked cover missing covering the gearbox. Maybe they didn’t fit them on the 5 speed or some NC2’s onwards?:thinking:

checked with the dealer for mine and they confirmed not fitted as new, so wouldn’t worry

:+1::+1: but… I’m like a dog with a bone, won’t stop until I find some :rofl:

I got under my car today. Turns out I do have a gearbox cover. How I’d missed it I’ll never know!

i have a 2005 2.0l NC1 and dont recall seeing those covers.

Mine also only has a cover for the sump…

I’d certainly love covers the transmission if anyone can signpost me though!!

I’ve trawled breakers and internet but the only sources I have found so far are Germany or Russia and at a significant cost - circa €160 plus postage :weary::weary:

Oh jesus… Definitely not paying that!

i seem to remember seeing some aftermarket ones on line for less than that called “aero covers” i think