Trying to find info on my standard stereo model?


When I bought my MK3 MX5 it had a half decent touch screen stereo fitted and the seller left me this original stereo in the boot, trying to work out what model it is, basic or higher as I want to sell it.

Part number is NG34-66-AR0 but I cannot find much info online about it. It’s out of a 2007 2.0 Sport.
The only difference I noticed when compared to the very basic ones is that this one has a MP3 sticker next to the load button.

I’ve got the same unit, bog standard unit mine also from a 2007 sport

I’ve upgraded to and aftermarket unit

Not much call for them now unless someone wants to put theirs back to standard but have sold on the original, or they like the original look.

Worth more to keep it just in case of the above, probably worth around £30 if put on eBay or such sites. Believe me I tried to sell mine for that amount, no takers.

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If either of you want to sell me the radio facia or even the whole radio please get in touch.

I did see some for £30 and others for £120, the £120 were Bose versions so thought maybe there was some tier system.

Rather get rid as I’m limited for space.

Hi, What did you upgrade to?

This one below although it was sub £300 when I bought it last December.

Sorry I’m holding on to mine now, I may change the car and take the JVC unit out. I’ll refit the original head unit.

Not a problem, got one coming in the post.

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