Tuning my mk1eunos

Hi, a few months ago I had to have a local garage try to sort  a fuel based problem. Turns out it was throttle body. It was replaced, But it left me with little choke as they could not use the “diagnostics” two wire and bulb approach.

So basically I am looking for tuning services in my area that can sort this out. 

Many thanks


OOPS, nearly forgot, I am in the Southampton area

Hi Alan

Not quite sure what your problem is. If it was throttle body related, replacement with a known working spare should have resolved all issues.

did they reset the base idle?

Diagnostics is very easy for you to do - buy the led off ebay from autolink……………

LED diagnostic

I think Dr MX5(Julian Cox) is near you if you require his services - should be able to assist.   


Nick @ Skuzzle Motorsport, 3 miles N of Winchester.

Julian @ Doctor MX-5 or Andrew @ Solent MX-5, 6-ish miles NE of Soton. 

Any of them will get you sorted.

You just need a paper clip to jump GND to TEN. Then adjust the bleed screw at the throttle body.