Tyre dilemma

  1. My model of MX-5 is: nc 2.0 sport
  2. I’m based near: Plymouth
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: tyres

So last year someone drove into the side of me. Totally their fault and their insurance company covers what was a very good repair. However, this included refurbishment of two of the four wheels and fitting of new tyres. This means the other side look odd. I repainted them myself but not happy with the match so I’m getting the other two done properly in a few weeks. Here is my question, the remaining tyres are not new but have a few mm left on them. Do I replace them with new before wheels are done so it’s all even? Or run them for another year?

Honestly I’m not sure, it feels the right thing but also a bit wasteful?

Opinions please

At the very least I’d put the wheels with new tyres on the back…
Might be worth trying to find out who refurbished the 2 wheels and have them do the other 2 - Just to get a perfect match… With the 2 front tyres then having some wear, that won’t matter so much during the summer months, and then you could consider replacing them as we head towards winter? Hope this helps…


I would personally change the tyres when you have the two alloys painted. It’s usual for them to refit the tyres and rebalance them anyway, just give them the new ones.
If it’s literally just say 2-3 mm left I wouldn’t hesitate just get them changed, a full set for me.


For me it depends on both the tread depth and the tyre age.
I would be looking for over 3mm tread and under six years old. They can deteriorate quite badly around 7/8 years. (Het hard, cracks etc.) and low mileage cars can have bad tyres with lots of tread).
Just my personal view as to what point is it not viable to refit them.
(Tip tyres have the week and year of manufacture on the side wall, near the DOT number normally. Eg 4712, week 47 in 2012)


Thanks that’s really helpful I didn’t know that about the age print. Just checked and they are 2016 with at least 4mm on them. I’m thinking I will put the newest on the back and get another year out of them. It’s a second car so I do low miles.

Most tyres have a directional tread. You can’t swap from side to side without remounting the tyre on the wheel… You can only swap the wheels from end to end.

I would have said Asymmetrical tyres were in the majority myself…!