Tyre size 195v205

  1. My model of MX-5 is: ND 1.5 Sport
  2. I’m based near: _Watford
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: tyre sizes
    I believe I can fit either 195’s or 205’s to my 16 inch rims. My question is could I fit 195’s to the front and 205’s to the rears. I have an offer of some low mileage tyres but they are two pairs one of 195 and one of 205?

The thing to consider is the rolling radius of the two tyre sizes.
If they are both 50 aspect tyres the 205’s will be taller than the 195’s and you’d introduce a slight rake to the posture of your car. It may only be a cosmetic issue though. I’m not knowledgeable enough to know whether suspension dynamics would be affected.
If the 205’s are a 45 aspect they’ll be closer in diameter.
Might be worth measuring them?

This is from Tire Size Calculator

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Thanks. I keep this in mind

If the 205s are a 45-profile, a change to those isn’t a particular issue from a size change point-of-view. The rolling radius and speedo error changes are within acceptable tolerances. However, I would definitely have misgivings of running two different tyre sizes an each axle.

The '5s inherant handling characteristics aren’t setup with a staggered setup in mind. So I’d either stick with 195/50 all round, or change all to 205/45.


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I beginning to move towards that. I’ve looked at all my tyres and my rears(195) are still pretty good. The fronts are at 3mm and beginning to perish ( MOT) advisory last week so I think I’m going to swap rear to front and re boot the rear with a set of 195’s. Would actually cost me less than the ones I’ve been the 4 I’ve been offered. Thanks to all fo the advice.

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I wouldn’t. Especially if they are a different make/model. It sounds slightly exaggerated, but MX-5’s really can do strange things with mismatched tyres - from being tail happy to crabbing, pulling etc.

Four identical decent tyres at the same pressure usually works well.