Tyre size

I have bought some 16" mk 2.5 sport wheels and need to get some tyres, does anyone know what the size is I though it was 205 45 r16 I also need the load rating and speed rating


Size might depend on what car you are fitted them on. If it was originally fitted with 185/60R14 then those tyres will give you 2.3% higher gearing. 195/45R16 would be closer with just 0.7% increase. If you really want 205 wide tyres then 205/40R16 will give you 1.2% lower gearing (more acceleration too).

I tend to assume everyone else has a ratty mk1 and a garage full of spare wheels, so that might not apply to you.


These should be marked on the tyres you have on the car already.

 Also the width of the wheel, if you’ve picked up a set of 16"x8 then 205.45.16 would probably be best. But on a smaller width wheel like a 16x7 then the 195.45.16 would probably be a better size.

Yes, 205 45 16 is the original size for the MK2.5 sport 16 inch alloys…  

check elsewhere on forum for much debate about the merits of Toyo T1R,  Eagle F1 GSD3s as primary tyre choice for this size,  plus a couple of others, then go and check prices and wonder why that size is sooo much more expensive than a 15 inch…

Thanks for the info


They are going on a MK2 1.8 10th Anniversary which currently have 15" wheels, The wheels I have don’t have any tyres on at the moment. so I need to make sure I get the right ones :slight_smile:

Do you know the load weight or speed rating?

The current wheels are 195/50/R15 82V so I want to get the size as close as possible with out changing the speedo or gearing too much

195/50R15 is exactly the same rolling raduis as the 185/60R14, so the numbers I posted up there still apply. Although it seems people use the 205/45R16 without any issues.

82 is the load rating (so look for this on your new tyres)

V is the speed rating (so look for this on your new tyres)

Wheel width can be an issue, but as 195 and 205 tyres can both be safely fitted to 7", 7.5" or 8" wheels, so I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.

Thank you.


I also found this web site that gives you the size change  http://www.etyres.co.uk/tyre-size-calculator.htm

So it looks like some 195 45 R16 for me



I have a set of refurbished Mazda 16" double spoke wheels stamped on the inside is 6.5 in so what width tyres fit these…185? gonna use them as summer wheels and keep the current Pirelli p6000 shod 15inchers for the winter. 






My wheel fitment spreadsheet thingy gives the following fitment ranges:

185 tyre 5.4 to 7.4 rim

195 tyre 5.8 to 7.8 rim

205 tyre 6.2 to 8.2 rim

Although with tyres being stretchy the will fit on a greater range of rim sizes than I’ve listed. My Spreadsheet works on an old BS, tyre manufacturers will be able to give a list of recomended fitments for their tyres. But your rims will be fine for any of the common tyre widths (185, 195 and 205 will be fine, but 185/50R16 tyres might be a bit rare).

Thanks for that…now here’s another for youEmbarassed whtat’s the effect of putting a 185 on the front and a 205 on the rear? 

You’ll get understeer as your default handling characteristic unless it’s very slippery and you boot the throttle. Less fun, but not dangerous. Tell your insurance company if you’re deviating from standard sizes.

I’ve run mine with 195/50R16 on the front and 175/55R16 on the back, and you get oversteer, unsurprisingly [:D] On a track - I wouldn’t recommend fitting those on the road. I’ve currently got 185s on the front and 195s on the back and my car is pretty neutral.

My other car had 185 on the front and 225 on the back as standard fit, but then it doesn’t have the MX5s 50:50 weight distribution, and it has more power too. So staggered tyre widths aren’t that rare. Even MR2s had rear tyres 30mm wider than the front.

 Since everyone else is avoiding the actual question you need 205/45R16 84WWink (there’s not many V rated in that size… this is just upgrading them, and the same as fitted to the sport)


From a 10AE and Mk2.5 sport owner Smile






Thank you for everyones help.


As I found out for my CRX a few years ago - 185/60-14 =exactly 215/40-16 it tramlines a bit (ok alot) but by choosing a deeply grooved rain-tyre (falken ze452 at the time)  it was awesome any weather.

I’m happy on the 5 at 195/50-15 now though. need new tyres shortly though.

I ended up buying 4 x195/45R16 Toyo T1R for £221.00 for four :slight_smile:

I used the following link to match the tyre and wheel size


This gave me a difference of 1.04 % recommend +/- 2.5%