Unequal amount of heat from vents?

I have a mark 2 and when the air vent switch is selecting air on feet/face I get quite a diiferent amount of heat between the passenger side and driver side.  The air from the driver side is quite a bit cooler than the passenger side so I have to turn it up but then its too hot due to the heat from the passenger side.

Is this normal and I’m being too fussy or could there be a reason?

 Thanks in advance


Have you tried to check the temperature at all the outlets you mentioned with a good temperature gauge just make sure?
I haven’t felt that checking with the palm or back of the hand all that accurate.

No I have not tried that will do tomorow, pretty sure that there is a definate diference though.


 The blower and heater core is located on the passenger side of the car behind the glove box, so it’s perfectly normal for the air flow to be less on the drivers side.