Updated Pictures of my Supercharged 1.8 VR-Limited

 Thought i would share with you all some updated pictures on my VR-Limited after the Supercharger was fitted this weekend Big Smile

Let me know your thought?.

Sorry for all the pictures.



I think that’s one of the nicest fives I’ve seen.  Bloody lovely.   - you’ve got a great looking car and I’d imagine it goes just as well as it looks…

Looks brilliant. Love the rear-end, all the curves are in the right places as they say! Paint looks brilliant too, has it been sprayed?

Thanks, no it’s the original paintwork not resparyed…

Arches / Rear Spoiler / Side Skirts and TSI’s were sprayed off the car.

Very lucky only imported the car 12 months ago so very good condition body work and underneath, and many hours cleaning / polishing and waxing her.

 One bitchin’ car!

That Sir, is one very, very fine car. Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up

May I ask where the front bumper and side skirts came from please? They are just what I’m looking for.

Also, so you leave the cambelt covers off? Personally I think it looks great but is there a risk of drawing a foreign object into the belt?

Bloody nice car mate.

 That is beautiful {#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}

I love your wheels - what are they ?

 Excellent job on the car. Much trouble getting the charger sorted? I have heard people having to go back several times to sort out flat spots and lumpyness.

Love this! I remember looking on www.potn.co.uk and seeing this under alloys :slight_smile: Looks so nice! What size skirts are those?

 AWESOME absoutely bloody awesome man well impressed {#emotions_dlg.thumb}{#emotions_dlg.thumb}

That… is one AWESOME looking car fella…Cool

I love the colour… Thumbs up

I love the wheels…Thumbs up

I just love it…


 One of the best MX5’s I have seen, and now has the grunt to match its looks! Good effort…

I like this car. A lot. Stunning all round - good work!

There’s only one way that car could be more perfect … if it was mine !! Absolutely stunning.

Where did the arches come from ? I need those in my life.

 OMG!!! That is so beautiful it should be in an art gallery or on a pedestal to be worshiped on bent knee. I only wish I can get my Merlot to look half as good. Stirling Job mate, Keep it up.

 Thats fantastic inside and outside, who fitted the sc for you and what set up have you got:??

 Really nice car… I’ve seen this car on Nutz, but not seen so many detailed photos until now.  Particularly like the side skirts, not too boxy or OTT like a lot of them are.