Upgrading suspension, Bush's and arbs on 97 MX5

I’ve owned my 1997 Dakar MX5 for a week now and I love it! I’m looking at upgrading the suspension and its components in the near future but there is so much choice out there I don’t know if I’ll be getting the best value I could be. I’m looking at setting the car up for fast road and occasional track use. (Croft is 10 minutes away)

I’m looking at first upgrading the bushes on the suspension components. I’ve eyed the SuperPro kit. But at £500 it’s making my eyes water a bit. I’m a bit put off by cheap ones I’ve seen, as the prospect of annually regreasing and loads of squeaks would irrate me.
There must be a compromise though? Any suggestions?

I’m also looking at anti roll bars front and rear. Jackson racing bars and drop links seem good. I imagine there isnt much difference between different manufacturers?

And the mine field that is coilivers.
If money was no object i would choose the Meister R ZetaCRD coilys. However, I’m also hearing cheapos from eBay are actually decent? I would like a compliant smooth ride that can be stiffened for track use and the meisters seen to offer that. But again, any suggestions from anyone who has experienced a good set?

Lots of questions there, apologies but thanks in advance!


Original rubber bushes are the best option.Anything poly will make it unnecessarily harsh. Meisters are nice. Arb’s I couldn’t tell you

I fitted a full kit of Superpro bushes to my 1998 Berkeley. It hasn’t been driven since as its having a full respray, so can’t tell you what the ride is like yet. However, I can say that I was able to fit them without a press during lockdown after drilling the old ones out. I also fitted KYB AGX adjustable shock absorbers and eibach springs as was advised not to go down the coil over route. It increased an insurance quote by £2000 for someone I know.