Uploaded photos lacking in colour

When I upload a photo to the forum, the colour is less vivid than the original. To demonstrate, here is a link to the original photo, and below is the photo when uploaded to this site. As you can see, the uploaded picture isn’t as warm as the original, which is important as it was a dawn photo. Are the forum administrators able to fix this issue?

Odd, there are no configuration options for photos so assume some compression may be being applied automatically to optimise storage.

Hmm it just looks like there is less red and blue, compare the blue in the sky and the red on the calipers between both photos, but the green on the grass immediately in front is about the same.

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One possible fix is to increase the warmth on the original photo before uploading. I will try this from now on but it’s not ideal as I have to guess how much to apply.

Just tried increasing the warmth but it didn’t work, nor did increasing the saturation or vibrancy. Instead, I found that changing the ‘highlights’ value to -100 (I’m using Photos on iOS) did the trick.

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odd though as comparing the original of this as a test its no different for me. but I can defo see the variation in the OPs photos.

For some reason the first picture has loaded as 486KB’s and the second has loaded as 566KB’s, (therefore higher definition). Both 1600x900. (The more KB’s the better quality and so on).
Which in my opinion is the difference in colour and definition.

Martin’s picture has also loaded at 1879x1057 and 596 KB’s and good colour etc.

Also it depends where and how you load them up.
Just an opinion, but if you do it straight from the desktop (the original) you do not loose any definition during the process.
If it’s loaded from google (or other sources) via links then during the load up process it does loose the definition.
As an example this picture taken from my iPhone is 3.89 (3890KB’s) MB’s which is basically 6.8 times better quality than say a 566 KB’s one.
Sorry if I have bored you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I always post directly from my iPhone, so we’re no closer to finding the reason. I only included a link to Google Photos so you could view a copy of the original.

Just trying to help.
As you only ever use your phone that may well be the issue.
It’s a common problem on media platforms generally linked to the user and not the server.
As you said it only seems to be you.
Perhaps try and upload a photo with a PC and see if that solves the issue.
Good luck.


I see what you mean - I never noticed the photo size before. The picture at the beginning of this thread was a screenshot hence the small size, however, looking at photos of mine on the ‘Favourite MX-5 Photo’ post, some are big and some small, even though I thought I had uploaded them the same way. I’ll definitely check for that in future. Thanks for your help.

Your welcome. I have a good photographer friend who is let’s say a digital wizard. When I get chance I will ask him if he has any advice/tips etc.
It’s not just you as the other day I went to upload 4 pictures and the server dumped them all. I had to do them one at a time because they were too large file wise. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, I have just tried to load pictures from my PC on another thread and it said they were too large and needed resizing so wouldn’t do it.
Loaded them from my phone (exactly the same pictures and text) and it worked.
May be just one of life’s little technical mysteries perhaps. :man_shrugging: :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve certainly noticed that photos uploaded from my iPhone or iPad end up nearly half the size of the original, but perhaps the PC route doesn’t do that.

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I find if I use Post Image for example, a 1.2 MB gets chopped to circa 450kb.
However, if I copy/paste from PC, it remains as is. Windows 10 btw.
In addition, if I send from my Android a 1mb plus, it ends up in my PC inbox as around 450-odd KB…maybe that’s an 02 thing…even if I select “do not alter”.

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Phones often “economise” on quality when sending images, simply to save you money and time on Data.

I always plug the phone in and transfer files to the PC, then edit the photo as necessary, resize it to let it fit on a normal screen (either 1600 or 1920 max dimension) and use 70% quality setting.

A 12MByte source picture shrunk down like this can end up as little as 300KB and still appear to be great (at a glance), you just can’t zoom much into it. It’s also a lot cheaper on storage for the club.

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