Urgently required for Brooklands Meet - NB/NC Anniversary models

As part of the Brooklands display we are in need of a couple of cars to form a mini display.

Specifically we are looking for one pretty standard NB (MK2) 10th Anniversary and one of each of the Red, white and blue NC (MK3.5) 20th anniversary models. We would like the white to be with the full special edition livery if possible.

If you are coming to the event and are willing to have your car displayed for most of the day, then please drop us a line stating contact details, reg number, special edition type and if you have a pic that would be helpful. Please quote “Brooklands Anniversary cars” as the subject in an email too info@mx5-tv.co.uk

Successful applicants will be required to print off and display a stand pass on entry. Closing date for entry will be 20th April or when we get all the cars we need.


We thank you for your help in this matter 

I think out chairman has a rather nice 10AE

Which he’s now traded in for a Le Mans!