Used NC prices - no sign of recession in their prices!

I’ve been looking for an honest (ie not rotten) NC 05/06 2.0 Sport for about a year.
The prices are bananas - £6k is almost the normal - and often these have dire MOT histories.
My only hope for anything like realistic prices is a recession - then i wont be able to afford to buy one anyway :rofl:

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I felt the same way as you.

Luckily I found what I think is a good buy from a genuine seller.

Picked up a 2008 Niseko 2l retractable hardtop, with 27k miles on the clock for £6k dead this afternoon.

Keep hunting


Congratulations! Enjoy your MX5

Prices have started to drop at auction in the last month or so (which is a bit surprising as they usually hold up well until around mid June), prior to this they were selling well above book but now even ND’s are not hitting book so hold out that should start to be reflected in the next few weeks.

It’s a bit mental across the board still, depending somewhat on make & type.
2018 when my son left the Army, I sourced a bob-on 1.25 Fiesta on a 2014 plate with only 7k pensioner Church & Tesco miles on. Suffice to say it was as new underneath and on top…for 7k. Pretty much an “as new” showroom fresh half price example. Fully serviced etc from a main Dealer I know, but the sales principal is also a 5 driver and OC member I know.
Anyway. Fast forward. He still has it. 36000 fault free miles.
Just new tyres, front discs, pads & shoes, plus as book servicing. Not so much as a paint chip that I can see. He’s loath to part with the thing. Enquired about some ST versions, and was offered 5.5k for his. To be fair it’s molly coddled…he’s very good with car care. Even the engine bay is bright & fresh. Solid no messing offer…from it’s original dealer stable. You see them retailing out for a grand more for the Right Stuff just now. I think he will sell privately.
I wanted to buy it since the 2002 Sport is getting close to being flipped after 16 years but he’d probably drop the price right down for Mum. We will not take advantage of his good nature. That’s got “wrong” all over it.

It makes you stop and think about values when this automotive South Sea bubble bursts. :wink:


a 27k mile car for 6k is an excellent now especially now!

last Sept I paid 11.6k for a 31k mile car, tho it is a 2013 sport tech hardtop convertable

but yeah prices are through the roof.
2 years ago you could have gotten my car for 9-10k, or a basic sport on 30 for about 4k on a 10 plate

Yeah, I looked for a while & settled for a 1.8. Virtually half the price of current 2.0 sport deals at the moment. The plan is when the engine dies to upgrade to 2.0 ecu, dash etc and bung a 2.5 in it :+1:. Saving hard :wink:

Prices have gone a bit nuts over the last year or so. I am also after a post-2008 facelift NC. I used to have a mk2.5 NB about 14 years ago and it was one of the best cars I have ever driven/owned. I should say, at this point that I am really fussy about my cars.

I have spoken to about 7 owners with a view to going to see their cars. I have been to actaully see 2 cars. Almost every single conversation has gone like this:

Me: “Is there any sign of rust on the underside of the car?”

Seller: “No. No rust, whatsoever. Paul/Neil/Steve/Ian/John (delete as required) at insert reputable MX5 specialist here sez it’s the cleanest one he has ever seen!”

Statistically, this is quite improbable. The good news is I am begining to see prices soften a little bit within the last few weeks - they have gone from absurd to “a bit on the pricey side”.

Hope you’re right on the prices Evil Edna

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