VR-Limited sibling!

I keep an eye on Eunos Roadsters going through Japanese auctions.
My VR-Limited B is NA8C-402121.
Today, NA8C-402126 (VR-A) went through auction. Probably built the same day as mine.
4,400kms though!

Just made me smile, is all.


Lovely car, one of my personal favourite colour combos and spec.

Grade 3 though, its been in a near side front smash. Grade 3 seems kind of low for a car with low miles and a grade A interior.

Yep, spotted the door/NSF wing damage/replacement. Couldn’t fathom the 3 either - less than perfect repairs perhaps?

Do it!
I love my VR-Ltd Combo B, always had my eye out for an A to go with it.

I do find this all very interesting about the Japanese cars and the VR Limited’s are defo one of my fav’s! Looks a good one that, shame about the damage!

This is a one off, a Pitcrew M2-1001, big bucks


This is probably the £30k Mk1 (by the time it gets to the UK. A fairly average looking J2 Limited:

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That yellow Mk1 is a beauty but yes crazy expensive should it go for that money!

It’s such a good way to get ‘pristine’ or as close to it cars, my other car is a fresh off the boat this year BMW 330i, 19 years old, but the condition is mind boggling for it’s age. I was lucky to get it!

These are dealer forecourt prices not auction estimates.

This is the cheapest manual MX5 on the Japanese autotraders, a slightly worn looking NB 1.8:


Second cheapest is now a NC 2.0. Yikes.


So entry price for a retail grade MX5 is about 250-500,000 yen, around £3-4000.

Cheapest NA is about the same price, but comparatively rough looking


Very early cars (1989) are commanding a premium in Japan. Otherwise, value is not determined by age of the Mk1, so 1991 cars can be the same price as 1996. And neither does being a “special edition” generally impact values, with the exception of the M2 cars (but it seems the values of these have not climbed as much as ordinary cars). It comes doen to condition, and Mk1s on sale are looking pretty rough. On the other hand, at the entry level, there is a terrific selection of NBs and NB-FLs, but you won’t be saving on anything already here.

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