Hi All, 2.5 I bought recently unfortunately has a defective diff (as diagnosed by Cleverley cars, Norfolk; metal shards and contaminated oil (last changed July 19)) so I need a replacement!

Car currently has a Fuji, which is probably why it’s borked, and ideally I’d like to replace it with a Torsen 2.

I’ve done some looking around on the usual sites and found some but thought I would ask here also! 


I would suggest you find a Torsen off the earlier MK2.5 SVT sport 2001 - 2. Can’t find notes on ratio but 3.909 comes to mind.

This will be a direct replacement for the Fuji when paired with the correct gearbox converter.

Likely to cost £300+ where a replacement Fuji will be around £200.

IIRC there is an early Torsen with a 3.6 ratio but very hard to find.

Guess your car is an SVT sport, so my suggestion is the way to go if you do not fancy taking a chance on another Fuji.

Whatever you fit, replace the diff oil. 

Torsen 2 3.6 is what I am aiming for, and was standard issue on the sports pre 2003 according to most guides around the interwebs. Trouble is everyone wants one so they’re quite difficult to find, but i’m sure I’ll get there. Supposedly a direct swap, but i’m sure there’ll be some complications along the way. Thanks for your response! 


Hi Toge

The earlier Torsen off the 2001/2 SVT sport is the way to go but it is not a 3.6 ratio.

I’m remembering 3.909.

No worries, works as well with the 16 inch alloys and correct gearbox speedo converter.  

Here is a rare and useful thread on the subject - thanks Andy! 

Reading it through it seems that the torsen used was a 3.6 ratio so the way to go.



Hi again, yeah I saw that sheet before and that’s what I was going on. It seems to echo one I’ve seen in a few places, so hopefully it’s reliable! Now i just need to find someone to sell me one before a turbo boi buys it!