WANTED: Hardtop for Mk3.5

Evening all

Been looking on eBay for a black hardtop for my 2012 Kuro but no-one seems to be selling them with the fitting kit. 

I’m reluctant to pay MX-5 Parts the extortionate £340 they charge for a kit and in any case they are currently out of stock. Without the kit I can’t even collect so it’s Catch 22!If 

If anyone’s thinking of selling a good condition mk3 top, preferably in Brilliant Black, complete with the fittings I’d be very interested.




It’s worth looking in the for sale section here, one complete with fitting kit £600…got to be a bargain


Only drawback it’s not black but surely that can’t be too costly to have sprayed?

Thanks for the tip. Sounds like a good deal but I couldn’t find the one you’re referring to.

I’ve considered a re-spay but I got a quote locally and it was around £500 which seemed ridiculous. I’ve since seen that MX-5 City will do it for about £200 but it all adds up.

It’s under parts for sale 2nd page under “MK3 hard top, like new” heading, location near Sheffield.

Thanks, I’d missed that.

Appreciate your help.

It was such a bargain I nearly snaffled it myself but then a reality check happened, I don’t really need it.

it’s not about need but desire!!

Unfortunately, that one‘s been sold so my quest continues.

thanks again.