Wanted: MK2.5 Air conditioning components

Hi guys, i’m looking into adding the optional aircon into my mk2.5 but i’m having a hard time tracking all the components down.
If someone could point me in the right direction or has pulled out their AC for a track car please let me know.
I’m currently after:
Evaporator with the housing
Condenser with dryer separator?
Condenser fan
All the pipework
Compressor mounting plate

I currently have:
AC switch

Hopefully that’s all the parts.
Many thanks.

BTW, the condenser is the part under the bonnet and the evaporator is the part behind the dash.

Thanks for the info, i’ve edited the OP.

It might be worth messaging MX5 123: it was 2 and a half years ago now, but just before I got mine (which has AC, as it’s an essential for me), I originally almost bought a mk2.5 that had been advertised as having AC, but didn’t. I posted on here for advice and at that time MX5 123 invited me to PM as they had previously sold kits and may have still have had some bits hanging around. IIRC it was suggested at that point that the compressor was the hard part to source as they go rusty so you may have done the hard part already…

Also try Autolink as I have definitely seen second hand AC parts for various models on there!

Good luck!

I’ll probably have to @mx5_123 for the compressor too, this one is pretty scabby and i don’t really trust it to not eat itself once i energise the clutch.

You may be better off with the heavier MK2 aircon pump(compressor) also fitted to the early MK2.5(2002 Montana) rather than the harder to source MK2.5 later pump fitted to 2004/5 arctic, etc.
I have both but nothing else. You would obviously need the mounting plate if being newly introduced to the car. Rob(mx5_123) probably has the whole lot available.

Some here. Ph no. 00353 86 8226506 as having trouble logging in