Wanted...Mk3 NC Battery Cover

As the titles says, I am in need for Battery Cover for the Mk3 NC

EBAY is your friend. I got one quite recently.

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Mx5city.com have one at £29.95,

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£30.37 new from mx5parts

hope the link works


Most crack as folk tend to lean on them when checking oil etc. I replaced mine and used a dremmel on the old one and cut the top of the lid off and used epoxy resin to glue it to the inside of the lid for added strength. Time will tell if this is a successful cunning plan or not . . . .

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Hi Richard,
Yes link works, but no photo, can you send one, and confirm that it is not damaged,.

How about you ask the person selling the battery cover for a photo and to confirm that the cover is in good condition, I can’t do every thingfor you!


Hes a solid ebayer and it says “a battery cover that will fit any MX5 Mk3 NC between 2005 and 2014. It is in good condition with no damage or broken bits. Removed from a 58 plate car.”

I would buy it now John at that price or it will be gone soon :wink:

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Whoops, I though you were selling the cover, truly sorry for the mistake…

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Still require a battery cover for our mk3…

For the small amount extra I would buy new, then you are sure of no cracks

Think mk375 and richardn have given you the best options to be honest.
Or you can get a new one on ebay for £36 delivered.
You just might have to put your hand in your deep pockets. :wink: :+1:

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Is yours cracked or have the clips snapped off?
If it’s just cracked, from the inside of the cover use a soldering iron and melt ‘weld’ the crack back together.
If the clips have broken it’s a new cover.
And don’t forget to clean and re-tin your iron after.

@safetymatch, the corner where the hose clips are has cracked, may well look at your option of soldering iron…thanks